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Class 2 – Space Buggy Project

This week Class 2 have completed a space buggy project in their D&T lessons.

They were set the challenge in teams to create a model space buggy which could have been used on the moon.

Firstly, we discussed how to make the buggy move and completed some work looking at the mechanisms of wheels and axles.

Children then had to create a design criteria before completing a design sheet in groups.

On Thursday morning the children created their designs! This included having to saw wood to create axles and use a wide range of materials to further develop their models.

Finally, they had to evaluate not only their product but also the work of another group.

I think you’ll agree their hard work has paid off and the models look amazing!

Well done Class 2!

Class 2 – Pancake day

Today Class 2 have learn’t all about the traditions of Shrove Tuesday as well as making, tasting and flipping their very own pancakes!

Class 2’s gymnastics

This half term Class 2 have been looking at the different shapes we can make in gymnastics.

We started out by guruing each other showing the shapes. Then we added in jumps. Finally we put together short individual routines!

This afternoon we performed them to Class 5 and even though we were nervous they gave us all 10 out of 10!

Class 2’s visit to Llanymynech Rock!

Class 2 had a fantastic afternoon walking up Llanymynech rock!

We completed a winter hunt looking for signs of the seasons and also linked to out Geography work by taking aerial photographs. It was great to see the world from a birds eye view!

Class 2 – Spring term curriculum map

Father Christmas visits Bryn Offa!! – Class 2

Gingerbread men – Class 2

Class 2 have been busy making and decorating gingerbread men!

Odd sock day – Class 2

On Monday afternoon Class 2 did an absolutely amazing job of delivering an whole school worship based on Anti Bullying week!

The children explained what bullying was and also showed an experiment we had completed in class.

We used two apples which looked exactly the same on the outside. To the first apple we only said kind things like ‘You’re so shiny’ or ‘You look strong’. When we cut it open the inside looked normal.

With the second apple, even though it was hard, we said some not very nice things like ‘You’re all squishy’ or ‘You’re too soft’. When we cut it open the inside looked hurt showing that even if things don’t show on the outside mean words or actions can hurt us on the inside.

Finally on Tuesday,  we encouraged everyone to take part in Odd sock day, to celebrate that everyone is different!

A big thank you to everyone who took part!

Outdoor Learning – Class 2

This afternoon Class 2 have been exploring the forest school area and completing activities linked to our science topic.

Firstly we were looking at seasonal change and used colour catchers and Autumn checklists to find a range of signs of Autumn.

We also used animal cards to make our food chains


Exotic Zoo – Class 2

On Monday 21st October Class 2 visited Exotic zoo in Telford as part of our rainforest topic!

When we arrived we had time to freely explore the zoo and see the animals being fed.

After that we had a very exciting lesson in which we had the opportunity to met and hold (if we wanted to) a range of animals which live in the rainforest.

We met Gary and Little Gee who were Giant African Land Snails.

Jabba the Giant African Bullfrog

Rango the Chameleon

Sweet Pea the Boa Constrictor

Melon the Armadillo

After dinner we had another explore before getting the bus back to school

We all (adults included) had such an amazing day and all the children were brilliantly behaved, even our guide for the day said that they were one of the loveliest classes he had ever had!