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Outdoor Afternoon – Thursday 24th May

This afternoon Class 2 made the most of the lovely weather and completed our afternoon activities on the field.


Made story pebbles for our current class book ‘Handa’s surprise’

Completed sound hunts using our large phonics cards

ea – leaf

ow – flower

ey – donkey

Used colour catchers and tried to find as many different natural colours as we could

and completed one of our new favourite past times bird spotting!

Class 2 – Easter nests Friday 12th April

This morning we have been busy making our Easter nests!

We were very excited to find golden eggs from Jack in the beanstalk in class the morning, so we’ve used them to decorate our nests!

Class 2 – Planting sunflowers Thursday 11th April

To finish our how does your garden grow, we followed and then wrote a set of instruction on how to plant a sunflower!

Class 2 – Capacity investigation Wednesday 10th April

Over the last two weeks Class 2 have been focusing on capacity in Maths.

We completed an investigation to find out which mug would mean Miss Jones had the biggest cup of tea!


Class 2 – Visit from Mr Jandrell

As part of Class 2’s music this term, we having been discussing the difference between listening to live and recorded music. Today Mrs Hartland kindly arranged for Mr Jandrell (our school guitar teacher) to visit and to bring in his guitar and a double bass.

We learnt the different parts of a double bass, the different sounds we can make and we all had a go at playing it. We also had an opportunity to listen to both the guitar and double bass live!

Class 2 visit to the Heritage area 3.4.19

On Wednesday Class 2 spent the day at the Heritage area!

We didn’t let the horrible weather put us off!

We started off with a Spring hunt and even though it was pouring with rain we managed to find lots of signs of spring!

Next we went on a minibeast hunt – we found lots of worms and some woodlice!

We then completed the same plant hunt we had done when we visited in January. This time we found  more flowers!

After a quick stop for lunch the rain stopped!!! We took our activity box to the meadows and children had free choice! They took part in bird watching, habitat hunting, creating wild art, more minibeast hunting and hill rolling/running!

IMG_0553 IMG_0557

We then had our traditional hot chocolate and cookies break followed by a little bit of puddle jumping, before starting our journey back to school.

IMG_0858 IMG_0860 IMG_0863 IMG_0864

Thank you again to everyone for sending the children in appropriate clothing – and sorry again for all the mud! We had a fantastic day!

Class 2 – The Holi festival!

This morning we learnt all about the Hindu festival of Holi!

We held our own celebration involving lots of powder paint!

We had a fab time! Thank you to all parents for sending in spare clothes!

Red Nose Day – Class 2

We’ve had a great Red Nose Day!

We learn’t a little bit about Comic Relief and designed our own red noses.

Here’s what a couple of children wrote about the day:

“Red nose day is a charity day when people give other people clothes and food so that they have a better life” – Beau

“On Red Nose Day it raises money for people in need” – Lacey

British Science Week – Class 2 – Journeys through nature – Bees!

Today Class 2 have started looking at the journeys that bumble bees take!

We learnt all about their important jobs and that they have become endangered!

We started making our bee feeders which will be coming home as well as being place din our school grounds! They can be filled with sugar water on cotton wool or bits of older fruit for the bees to taste. They should be put out in gardens anytime from June.

British Science Week – Class 2 – Journey Sticks

This week is British Science Week with the theme this year being journeys.

This morning we started our Science week activities by building journey sticks.

When Australian Aboriginals went on long journeys they tied objects to a stick. They would start at one end of the stick and work along it as they traveled. The objects would help them to remember events and experiences on their journey, and to tell others of their adventures.

Our journey was around school. We collected objects and tied on red wool whenever we passed a classroom. –