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Science – Class 4

Yesterday in Class 4, we investigated separating mixtures. We separated raisins and flour using a sieve. This worked because the raisins are larger than the holes in the sieve. The rice and paper-clips were separated by a magnet, as paperclips are magnetic. We decided to put the salt and water into an evaporating dish and left it over night. He are some photos of the results:

The water evaporated and left us with the salt.

Miss Hyde

Condover Trip

After school yesterday, I showed the current Year 4’s and their parents this video about Condover.

If you have any questions about the Condover residential, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss Hyde

British Science Week – Class 4 and 5

Today in Class 4 and yesterday in Class 5, we looked at the causes of pollution in the UK. We had 2 samples of water: A was from a pond in the countryside and B was from a puddle near a main road. Everyone practiced using a pipette to add the reagent to each sample. Sample B turned black/brown because the reagent reacted with the pollutant.

The children enjoyed using the scientific equipment.

Miss Hyde

Class 4 – Science Week (Journey to Space)

Today, we made our rockets as part of Science Week. We mixed Bicarbonate of Soda with vinegar, which created Carbon Dioxide. The build up of Carbon Dioxide created so much pressure in our rocket that it went soaring up in the air.

The children really enjoyed the activity.

Miss Hyde

World Book Day in Class 4

For World Book Day, we have begun our setting descriptions based on our class book ‘Escape from Pompeii’ and we have created posters to advertise our favourite book.

Miss Hyde

Class 4 – Escape from Pompeii

In Class 4, we have learning about Pompeii and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We have used our research and the book ‘Escape from Pompeii’ to create a picture of Pompeii before the eruption. Around our picture, we have created an idea bank. These will allow us to write our own setting descriptions later this week.

Escape from Pompeii Escape from Pompeii 2 Escape from Pompeii 3 Escape from Pompeii 4

I am so proud of each child’s work, I have scanned them all to make the files above.

Well done everyone,

Miss Hyde

KS2 Indoor Athletics Success!

Following their huge success in the Oswestry Area competition, Bryn Offa’s athletes represented Oswestry in the North Shropshire competition.  Both our boys and girls team performed amazingly well.  The boys finished in joint 1st position on points only to narrowly lose out  to Market Drayton Junior School in a sudden death relay.

The Girls however, went on better.  They won the overall competition and will now represent North Shropshire in the County final on MArch 5th.

Well done to both teams – They were brilliant!


KS2 Netball

On Thursday 7th February, Bryn Offa’s Netball team produced an incredibly high quality display to finish in second position in the Oswestry area competition.  Well done to all of those involved.

Volume Activity in Class 4

Today in Class 4, we investigated how to calculate volume in cubes and cuboids. We also developed our problem solving skills by creating irregular shapes with the same volume. The children really enjoyed the activity.

Miss Hyde

Welcome to Class 4 Presentation

Here is the PowerPoint used in the parent meeting today.


Miss Hyde

Meeting the Parents – Class 4