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Frame Structures in Class 4

Today, Class 4 explored making some frame structures. We started by creating a 2D shape from spaghetti and marshmallows. We then used that shape as a face for our 3D shapes. After that, we made the tallest structure we could. As our structures got taller, we had to reinforce them with extra spaghetti.

After break, we used bamboo kebab sticks, paper straws and elastic bands to make a frame structure which could hold a weight. Will’s structure managed to hold a weight of  1700g! As we added more weight, we had to reinforce our structures and try to balance the weight in the middle of the structure.

Today’s activities allowed us to work as a team, as well as develop our resilience and perseverance. Tomorrow, we will design a frame structure for forest school for Class 1 and 2 to use.

Well done Class 4

Miss Hyde

Class 3 and 4’s St Agatha’s Church Visit

This morning, Class 3 and 4 enjoyed a fantastic morning at St Agatha’s Church, learning all about the different features of a church.

Thank you to Reverend Trimby and members of the parish for their support in making the visit a great success.


Class 4’s display

This term in Class 4, we have been looking at Rivers and water. We made a big display showing rivers and the water cycle. It was so beautiful, we didn’t want to take it down but luckily we have taken a photo to share with you!

Miss Hyde

Arthog Outreach – Canoeing and bushcraft experience

Today, the Year 4s and some children who had previously missed out on the opportunity went to Pool Quay. We spent half the day canoeing and the other half completing bushcraft activities. Everybody had a lovely day in the warm, sunny weather and the behaviour was excellent.

Miss Hyde, Mr Bevan and Miss Hughes

Class 4’s terrific trip to … Attingham Park – by Lottie Lee

Yesterday (Wednesday 22nd May), class 4 visited Attingham Park. As it’s part of a new topic – living things and their habitats. The teachers and volunteers who went were:
  • Miss Hughes,
  • Mr Bevan,
  • Mrs Morris,
  • Mrs Hyde and Miss Hyde.

We went by coach, or bus as some people like to call it, it was about 45 minutes long.

Later on, I discovered I was in Mr Bevan‘s group, which was fun! Mr Bevan suggested to do the tractor ride first. We shuffled to the lunch hall and put our bags down on the tables. Me and my friends chose the smallest table. Soon, we arrived back at the tractor site and mounted our tractor.
Immediately, the tractor started, the lady commented “stay seated at all times!” Off we went! Next, the tractor driver (Will) stopped at some deer and shared some information about the deer with us like when they are first born, they live near nettles because they can’t walk and it helps them stay safe. It was very interesting.
Swiftly, we jumped off the tractor and started a woodland walk. The instructor showed us this stuffed mole, which I did not touch! Next, we got to see some badger holes. I made a joke, saying a white rabbit is just going to grab us and take us like it did in Alice in Wonderland.

Now onto my favourite part, lunch! I had a really nice lunch. I have the following:

  • Sandwiches – cheese and ham ones;
  • Crisps – ready salted flavoured;
  • Fruit – an apple and a banana;
  • Some chocolate – two bars they were the smallest!

After that, we had a play outside of the mansion.

Oh was it big… It’s like it grew bigger and bigger! Then we had a picture. Pshing!
A few minutes later, we were at the pond dipping site. The pond was as big as… As… Anything indeed! The instructor told us to get into partners so I partnered up with Elsey-Mae. We found a transparent thing, a snail and an insect that looked like a stick.
I would recommend this trip for anybody but people who are eight and over because the toilets are quite far away from the house or should I say mansion. It is very good for families as well. My favourite part was… Everything! My friends liked the trip very much and the volunteers said we were “very good and knowledgeable!” We thanked them and said bye. Then jumped back on the coach and back to school we went.
Do you want to visit Attingham Park?

The Trip to Attingham Park by Ollie Dulson

Yesterday (Wednesday, the 22nd of May at 9 am), we began our trip. We were sorted into three groups of 10. Finally, we got on the coach about half an hour later, we were there as the bus driver parked. The coach drove passed a field of cows. We met the volunteers that led us on our trip. We got onto the trailer that was bringing us to our first activity, the woodland walk. We entered through the gate. There was a metal box on it with a hole. Did you know birds nest in it? On the walk we saw many bird boxes, ant logs and other things that ants like to hide under.
We got back on the tractor, bumped as if we were having turbulence on a plane. We then got off and walked the rest of the way to the pond so we could go pond dipping. We saw Miss Hughes’s group, that said it was really fun. After a long walk through the grass, that was as tall as Big Ben. We went in partners, everyone found some good creatures and animals. Everyone also just enjoyed themselves.
Now we were on to lunch, we had a 10 minute walk from the pond to the mansion. Our group sat inside along with Mr Bevan‘s group but Miss Hughes group sat outside. Everyone enjoyed their scrumptious food. After that, the boys played a big game of tag. Later, we got back on the tractor, we drove for a long time looking for the deer. Yes, we were going to the deer park. It took us ages to find them. I don’t know how because they said there was 180 – 200 deer there! Then we found them. We were so close to them that we could have touched them. Did you know that the male deer are called a buck? A female is a doe and the baby is called a fawn? Also did you know a buck can grow and lose his antlers? Every year, they grow another part of their antlers. The fallow deer are:
  • Brown,
  • White,
  • And quite tall.
The instructor said “The children were all lovely and knew lots of facts!” They enjoyed their day with us. My favourite part was the deer park. I would 100% recommend it to everyone, it was very fun! It helped me learn about our new topic in science which is living things.

Class 4 visit to Attingham Park – by Jack Humphreys

On Wednesday 22nd May 2019, Class 4 visited Attingham Park. Miss Hyde decide that Class 4 should visit there to introduce our new science topic – Living Things and their habitats.We were split into 3 groups of 10. The teachers/volunteers were:

  • Miss Hughes,
  • Mr Bevan,
  • Mrs Morris,
  • Mrs Hyde and Miss Hyde.

The coach, which was a 55 seater, was black and red. It seemed very empty. My partner was William Ashton, on the way.

When we arrived, we put our bags in a room in the mansion, which was bigger than Condover Hall. Next, we walked to the toilet and dared to go in … but, it was safe! After, we alked through the meadow, which lead us to the pond dipping area. Josh and Ted caught a leech! Will and I caught a worm thing – it was weird. After, we talked about it. Next, we walked through the meadow and towards the island to a gate …

Through the magnificant, metal gate was a tractor, with a long trailer. This tractor was red. The volunteers, talked about the deer. Here are some facts:

  • The deer were fallow deer;
  • A male is a buck;
  • A female is a doe;
  • A baby is a fawn.

More facts later. Now is the time … I tell you … the tractor started … All it was, was BUMP! BUMP! BUMP! BUMP! The tractor was flying, we looked like Santa’s flying reindeer. It was so bumpy, Will fell on me! The tractor was an anti-seatbelt ride. It started to not get bumpy after we saw the does, as soon as I said that … it got bumpy. And bumpier. And bumpier. Until the bumpiest bump of all. We picked up Mr Bevan’s group, who had been on the woodland walk. We drove over a bridge, on to the island, back over another bridge to the mansion.

Now is the time … we … have … LUNCH … But first … toilet time! Actually, we will skip that part. Now to lunch! After everyone ate, we had a game of tag. Until Finley made it into British Bulldog, it didn’t work! There was an ancient, algae filled sewer, it was weird. You couldn’t get to it but you could see it. The sewer was covered by strong, white metal bars. Weird or not?

Next, a woodland walk. Back on the tractor (the driver was called Will), over the bridges, we got off to go into the forest. The man showed us under an old timber roof. He said “Under here are ants, sometimes snakes!” We had a little tour of the forest and saw the bird and bat boxes on the trees! Next, he showed us some flowers. I can’t remember the names. By them, were some badger holes. Now, we got back on the tractor and drove past a tree. Did you know this tree is over 600 years old? When we got to the road, the driver put his foot down quickly!

We had a final photo, then we all clambered back onto the bus. Some people tried to sleep. I couldn’t believe it! I would like to say thanks to the instructors, Clive and Louise. They said, “The children were all lovely and knew lots of facts.”

Josh said the trip was, “Ok.”

Keiran said it was, “Good.” I would recommend the trip to most people (but not for ages 4 and under).

Class 4 Trip to Attingham Park – by Abi Evans

Yesterday (Wednesday 22nd May), Class 4 visited Attingham Park. Miss Hyde organised the trip as an introduction to our new science topic – Living Things and their habitats. We split into three groups of 10 and were joined by Miss Hughes, Mr Bevan, Mrs Morris and Mrs Hyde. After a long coach trip … of 45 minutes … we arrived and immediatley met our volunteers and started our activities.

First, my group went on a woodland walk. Shiela found a piece of metal. Shiela and Pauline lifted it up and we saw ants hiding their eggs. After, we found a mole hill. Then Shiela got out a dead mole filled with stuffing. Then, I saw a nest in a tree. Keiran thought it was a crow’s nest.

Next, we went pond dipping. My partner was Ollie. We got a net and caught lots of creatures. When we went pond dipping, we found the following, the small boatman, bettles, damselfly nymph, a pond snail and phantom midge lavae. We choose two to put in our little pots to share with our friends. When it was our lunch, we put them back into the pond.

At lunch, I had a yoghurt but my mum forgot my spoon. Me and Miss Hyde, went to the cafe and came back with one. We took 15 minutes. I sat by Sophie and Olivia. Sadly, I ran out of time to play.

After lunch, we went on the deer park ride. The white spotted, reddy-brown fallow deer looked like the Disney character Bambi. Shiela was telling us about males and how their horns fall off and then they grow back with a new point.

  • Did you know that a male deer is a buck?
  • Did you know that a female deer is a doe?
  • Did you know that a baby deer is a fawn?

My favourite part was when Shiela was teaching us about the deer. Olivia said “It was great and I would recommend it to everyone.”

“I liked the long vehicle,” said Brooke. i would recommend this trip to anyone but younger children may become tired easily.

Class 4 Trip to Attingham Park – by Lily-Mae Owen

Yesterday – Wednesday 22nd May, Class 4, Miss Hyde, Miss Hughes, Mr Bevan, Mrs Morris and Mrs Hyde visited Attingham Park. This was linked to our new science project (Living Things and their Habitats). We all arrived on a 55 seater Owen’s coach. Roughly, it took 45 minutes.

When we arrived, we got in our groups with our volunteers and started our first activity (tractor ride). W learnt the following:

  • Deer’s antlers fall off every year and grow bigger each time;
  • Female deer (does) hide their babies – fawns – in nettles;
  • You should never go near a baby deer because they would smell of you and never find their mum again;
  • Also, after a while, their teeth wear out so they starve to death!

In the distance, we could see the mansion with strong housemartin nests clinging onto it. Did you know that the lady, who lived in the lovely, tall cream mansion, wanted cows but did not want them anywhere near her wonderful mansion so she dug a ditch called the haha?

After the interesting bumpy ride, we moved onto the woodland walk. Happily but unexpectedly, the bold, bright sun awoke. On our woodland walk, we were detecting where different animals and tiny, tiny creatures where living. On the wooden, old gate where two strong and sturdy metal chain gripping tightly to a heavy weight, where small bay bluetits had previously nested. Silently, as we walked further in, we found catterpillars, mole hills and ants. Loud woodpeckers had pecked the bark of the tallest tree, that was an elephant’s trunk. Multi-coloured flowers joined to the fresh, emerald green leaves leading the way. Our volunteer showed us a stuffed mole but I didn’t touch it.

Next, we had LUNCH! It was delicious. Lottie, me, Daisy and Elsey-Mae all sat on the small table. Then we walked outside and had a play, some people sate outside in the shade but I stopped inside. Before, we set off for our last activity, we had a group photo.

For our last activity, we did pond dipping. I was partnered with Daisy. We worked really well together and found lots of interesting creatures and lots of slimy algae, sticks and quite a lotof dragon flies were around. They were beautiful. After we did a show and tell of our favourite creatures. Mine was a water boatman and Daisy’s was a camouflage, stick creature. It was amazing and fun! But you had to stay on your knees so you didn’t fall in.

Finally, we arrived back at school and discussed what our favourite part was. Mine was pond dipping. Then we went outside to finish our lovely day at Attignham Parl with a play outside. I would go ther again and would recommend it to anyone. You would have a brilliant day. My friend, Daisy, joyfully shared her opinion “You learnt different things and I would recommend it to anyone!”

Class 4 Attingham Park Trip – by Danny Price

On Wednesday 22nd May, Class 4 visited Attingham Park. Miss Hyde organised the trip as an introduction to our new science topic – Living Things and their habitats. We split into three groups of 10 and were joined by the teachers. After a long trip … of 45 minutes … we arrived and immediately met our volunteers and started our activities.

First, we did pond dipping and we caught insects e.g. boatmen. Me and Owen were partners and we caught tonnes of insects. Then we met up and had a look at what we had all found. Patrick and James caught a snail and Will caught a newt  and a snail.

Second, we went on a deer park ride. We saw a male fallow deer (buck). We learnt that females (does) give birth to their babies – fawns – near nettles. We also learnt that the deer can eat nettles without getting stunk! On the way back, we picked up Huw’s group. The tractor was connected to the ancient, bumpy trailer.

Next, it was lunch time. In my lunch box, I had the following: sandwiches, one yoghurt, two chocolate bars, one banana and a big bottle of water. Then we had a bit of time to play a bit of British Bulldog. Owen was it then he tagged me. We sat in the shade to cool down.

Finally, for our last activity we went on the woodland walk. On the walk, we went past a cherry tree, that had nuts in and a mouse had bitten a tiny bit. Next, we had a look in the box. Then, we had a look underneath the metal plank and we found a whole ant nest. We found a badger den too. Did you know the bucks root around in leaves and flowers to make themselves look handsome to a female deer?

The instructors said “The children were all lovely and knew lots of facts!” They enjoyed their day with us. I would recommend this trip for everyone. My favourite part was when the tractor went fast.