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A Special Visitor

On Thursday afternoon, we had a special visit from Mrs Prior’s daughter Grace and her friend Alison.

During the assembly, Grace shared with the children her experience as a volunteer for Mercy Ships. Grace spent three months in Guinea living on the ship which provides medical relief and free surgeries for people in Africa.

Miss Harvey

Looking at Seed Dispersal in Class 3

In Science this afternoon, Class 3 learned about the different ways plants disperse their seeds. We went outside and pretended to be seeds and disperse in different ways. We had  a lot of fun.




Creation Club Meet the Bishop

On Sunday 31st March, Creation Club attended the Mothering Sunday service at Trefonen Church where the Bishop of Lichfield was in attendance.

The children performed two poems written by children at Bryn Offa and sang a song. They also handed out posies to the female members of the congregation.

Thank you to all children and parents who attended. I’m sure you will agree, the children did us very proud.

Orienteering Competition

Today, some of the Year 6 children took part in an orienteering competition at Marches. It was a really challenging day which involved 3 activities. We finished in a very respectable 3rd place. Well done to all the children who took part.

Miss Hyde

Condover Trip

After school yesterday, I showed the current Year 4’s and their parents this video about Condover.

If you have any questions about the Condover residential, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss Hyde

British Science Week – Class 4 and 5

Today in Class 4 and yesterday in Class 5, we looked at the causes of pollution in the UK. We had 2 samples of water: A was from a pond in the countryside and B was from a puddle near a main road. Everyone practiced using a pipette to add the reagent to each sample. Sample B turned black/brown because the reagent reacted with the pollutant.

The children enjoyed using the scientific equipment.

Miss Hyde

Science and Cooking in Class 3

Class 3 have had an action packed day of cooking and Science.

We split into two groups for the afternoon and while one group made and tasted their own pasta dishes, the other group investigated mini-beasts using magnifying glasses before we swapped. We also all made our own paper aeroplane to investigate the effects of air resistance.

A fantastic day Class 3.

National Science Week in Class 3

To kick off National Science Week, all members of class 3 have planted their own seeds. As well as investigating what plants need to grow well, we have also planted some where we have changed variables including light, temperature and water.

We are looking forward to seeing the results!

Miss Harvey


Science Week – Class 1

Today in Class 1 we investigated friction! We used a friction trick to get the monkey to climb up the string. The rubbing of the string against the straw generates enough friction to keep the monkey from falling down. Have fun trying this at home!

Class 4 – Science Week (Journey to Space)

Today, we made our rockets as part of Science Week. We mixed Bicarbonate of Soda with vinegar, which created Carbon Dioxide. The build up of Carbon Dioxide created so much pressure in our rocket that it went soaring up in the air.

The children really enjoyed the activity.

Miss Hyde