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Class 2 – Handa’s surprise

In our final lesson on our topic story book, ‘Handa’s surprise’, we all got to taste some of the fruit from the book.

We all wrote descriptions and guessed each others fruits.

Here are some examples:

“It is very spiky and green. On the top there is long and spiky leaves. The outside feels lumpy, bumpy and  a bit hairy. The inside looks soft, gooey, wet and pale yellow. The inside smells likes apple and it is quite sour. It tastes sweet but a little sour.

Can you guess my fruit?

It’s a pineapple!”

by Fenn


“The outside looks smooth and colourful. It has yellow and red skin. The outside feels cold and soft. It has darkish orange and yellow inside. The inside looks sticky and smells like oranges. It tastes like out of date oranges.

Can you guess my fruit?

It’s a mango!”

by Beau


“The skin looks lumpy, bumpy and rough. The outside does look a little smooth. The outside feels strong and protective. The inside looks green and white with a massive light brown stone in the middle. The inside smells really tasty. It tastes sweet and dull.

Can you guess my fruit?

It’s an avacado”

by Hector


“The outside is very squishy and soft. It is very round like a stone. It has smooth skin. It has a very round base because it is juicy. The outside feels bumpy, lumpy and weird. The inside looks delicious, scrumptious and sweet because it has sweet juice inside. The seeds look yummy. It smells sweet and a little sour. The inside tastes sour because the juice makes it very sour.

Can you guess my fruit?

It’s a passion fruit!”

by Jack