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Odd sock day – Class 2

On Monday afternoon Class 2 did an absolutely amazing job of delivering an whole school worship based on Anti Bullying week!

The children explained what bullying was and also showed an experiment we had completed in class.

We used two apples which looked exactly the same on the outside. To the first apple we only said kind things like ‘You’re so shiny’ or ‘You look strong’. When we cut it open the inside looked normal.

With the second apple, even though it was hard, we said some not very nice things like ‘You’re all squishy’ or ‘You’re too soft’. When we cut it open the inside looked hurt showing that even if things don’t show on the outside mean words or actions can hurt us on the inside.

Finally on Tuesday,  we encouraged everyone to take part in Odd sock day, to celebrate that everyone is different!

A big thank you to everyone who took part!