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Class 4 visit to Attingham Park – by Jack Humphreys

On Wednesday 22nd May 2019, Class 4 visited Attingham Park. Miss Hyde decide that Class 4 should visit there to introduce our new science topic – Living Things and their habitats.We were split into 3 groups of 10. The teachers/volunteers were:

  • Miss Hughes,
  • Mr Bevan,
  • Mrs Morris,
  • Mrs Hyde and Miss Hyde.

The coach, which was a 55 seater, was black and red. It seemed very empty. My partner was William Ashton, on the way.

When we arrived, we put our bags in a room in the mansion, which was bigger than Condover Hall. Next, we walked to the toilet and dared to go in … but, it was safe! After, we alked through the meadow, which lead us to the pond dipping area. Josh and Ted caught a leech! Will and I caught a worm thing – it was weird. After, we talked about it. Next, we walked through the meadow and towards the island to a gate …

Through the magnificant, metal gate was a tractor, with a long trailer. This tractor was red. The volunteers, talked about the deer. Here are some facts:

  • The deer were fallow deer;
  • A male is a buck;
  • A female is a doe;
  • A baby is a fawn.

More facts later. Now is the time … I tell you … the tractor started … All it was, was BUMP! BUMP! BUMP! BUMP! The tractor was flying, we looked like Santa’s flying reindeer. It was so bumpy, Will fell on me! The tractor was an anti-seatbelt ride. It started to not get bumpy after we saw the does, as soon as I said that … it got bumpy. And bumpier. And bumpier. Until the bumpiest bump of all. We picked up Mr Bevan’s group, who had been on the woodland walk. We drove over a bridge, on to the island, back over another bridge to the mansion.

Now is the time … we … have … LUNCH … But first … toilet time! Actually, we will skip that part. Now to lunch! After everyone ate, we had a game of tag. Until Finley made it into British Bulldog, it didn’t work! There was an ancient, algae filled sewer, it was weird. You couldn’t get to it but you could see it. The sewer was covered by strong, white metal bars. Weird or not?

Next, a woodland walk. Back on the tractor (the driver was called Will), over the bridges, we got off to go into the forest. The man showed us under an old timber roof. He said “Under here are ants, sometimes snakes!” We had a little tour of the forest and saw the bird and bat boxes on the trees! Next, he showed us some flowers. I can’t remember the names. By them, were some badger holes. Now, we got back on the tractor and drove past a tree. Did you know this tree is over 600 years old? When we got to the road, the driver put his foot down quickly!

We had a final photo, then we all clambered back onto the bus. Some people tried to sleep. I couldn’t believe it! I would like to say thanks to the instructors, Clive and Louise. They said, “The children were all lovely and knew lots of facts.”

Josh said the trip was, “Ok.”

Keiran said it was, “Good.” I would recommend the trip to most people (but not for ages 4 and under).