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The Trip to Attingham Park by Ollie Dulson

Yesterday (Wednesday, the 22nd of May at 9 am), we began our trip. We were sorted into three groups of 10. Finally, we got on the coach about half an hour later, we were there as the bus driver parked. The coach drove passed a field of cows. We met the volunteers that led us on our trip. We got onto the trailer that was bringing us to our first activity, the woodland walk. We entered through the gate. There was a metal box on it with a hole. Did you know birds nest in it? On the walk we saw many bird boxes, ant logs and other things that ants like to hide under.
We got back on the tractor, bumped as if we were having turbulence on a plane. We then got off and walked the rest of the way to the pond so we could go pond dipping. We saw Miss Hughes’s group, that said it was really fun. After a long walk through the grass, that was as tall as Big Ben. We went in partners, everyone found some good creatures and animals. Everyone also just enjoyed themselves.
Now we were on to lunch, we had a 10 minute walk from the pond to the mansion. Our group sat inside along with Mr Bevan‘s group but Miss Hughes group sat outside. Everyone enjoyed their scrumptious food. After that, the boys played a big game of tag. Later, we got back on the tractor, we drove for a long time looking for the deer. Yes, we were going to the deer park. It took us ages to find them. I don’t know how because they said there was 180 – 200 deer there! Then we found them. We were so close to them that we could have touched them. Did you know that the male deer are called a buck? A female is a doe and the baby is called a fawn? Also did you know a buck can grow and lose his antlers? Every year, they grow another part of their antlers. The fallow deer are:
  • Brown,
  • White,
  • And quite tall.
The instructor said “The children were all lovely and knew lots of facts!” They enjoyed their day with us. My favourite part was the deer park. I would 100% recommend it to everyone, it was very fun! It helped me learn about our new topic in science which is living things.