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Welcome to Amazing Class 5!

Any parents or students who have any concerns or questions, please contact Miss Hyde: class5@brynoffa.shropshire.sch.uk

Wednesday 16th March – RAF Cosford

Yesterday, we had an amazing day at RAF Cosford. The children took part in a Battle of Britain workshop, looked at some real WW2 planes and created rocket powered cars. The children were well-behaved and enthusiastic as always.

Monday 28th February – Science

Today, in science, we learned all about water resistance and how a streamlined shape will have less water resistance. We then used our knowledge to have create our own paper boats and have a race. The children enjoyed the activity. We all decided the main improvement would be to not use paper in the future. We could shape the paper easily but unfortunately it became soggy quickly.

Home Learning

As nearly all children have returned to school, home learning (due to COVID isolation) will be provided by email.

Home Learning for Wednesday 9th February

Morning Task

Please complete the spelling mat.


Please ask an adult to read the sentences out for your year group. Can you spell and punctuate them accurately?


Today, we will practice finding a pair of values in an algebraic equation.


Please read through and edit your work from yesterday before creating your third and fourth paragraphs.

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Today, we will finish our reading comprehension from yesterday.


Please can you research and create a poster about The Statue of Liberty. This should include:

  • Where it is;
  • When it was built;
  • Why it was built;
  • How it was built;
  • Its importance today;
  • and a picture or two.

Home Learning for Tuesday 8th February

Morning Task

Spelling – Year 6

Please draw a picture, find the definition or write a sentence for each of your spellings.


Today we are going to solve 2 step algebraic equations. Below you will find a video to help you and a worksheet to complete.


Yesterday, we rewatched the Piano video in class and created a plan for our biography as well as a timeline to help guide us. You can find all of these below.

Today, we are going to start creating our biography by writing the first 2 paragraphs. We will be doing our best to include all of the features we found yesterday. Here is an example of an introduction to get you started.


We will be completing this reading comprehension over the next 2 days.


Please follow one of the tutorials on Scratch.



Whilst the children are completing a gymnastics lesson, you could try one of these activities.

“This is PE” at home PE Multi-sports sessions (Yorkshire Sport Foundation) – https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/thisispe  
Football (West Bromwich Albion Foundation) – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ1wJXNM_IDlzPwBi5rHwsOMWXIyw4b7U  
Cricket (Chance to Shine) – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdD6u9OsMyMva1KFhkHZiv8f2Q9xiwHT- They also do a weekly live lesson on Wednesdays from 2:00-2:45pm (Subscribe free here): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btflr02RzmE&list=PLdD6u9OsMyMsI0Ns5tqlR6osNF6kx6u5g&index=3  
Netball (England Netball) – https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/takenetballhome  
Fitness HIIT Workouts (Joe Wicks “Body Coach”) – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyCLoPd4VxBuS4UeyHMccVAjpWaNbGomt  
Yoga (Cosmic Kids Yoga) – https://www.youtube.com/c/CosmicKidsYoga/featured  
KS2 Dance (BBC Teach: Physical Education) – https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bbc+teach+dance+physical+education  
Gymnastics (British Gymnastics) – https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23gymnastsathome&sp=QhASDmd5bW5hc3RzYXRob21l  

Class 5’s English

This week, we have been exploring the narrative poem ‘The Highwayman’. The children have identified the different imagery in the poem, performed some freeze frames and did some hot seating. During the hot seating task yesterday, three children were interviewers and other children took on the role of Bess, the Highwayman and Tim.

Class 5’s Textile Project

Throughout the day, the children have been busy following their design to create their finished products. I am so proud of the children and their patience and perseverance. I hope you enjoyed seeing their finished products too!

We have used an online software program to create our transfer print. They have turned out amazingly well!

This morning, the children have been developing their sewing skills further. They have all sewn on a button, practiced applique and another stitch (running, cross, stem or embroidery). Their perseverance and determination was fantastic. I was blown away by their attitude as well as what they produced.

This afternoon, we evaluated existing textile products which were Christmas themed such as stockings and sacks. The children spent time discussing the materials the product was made from, its user, its purpose and the design decisions made. We also discussed how innovative the products were and how we could improve them.

Today, we practiced a running stitch as part of our preparation for our Christmas themed textile project.

Children in Need 2021

This year, for Children in Need, the children dressed up as what they want to be when they grow up. In the afternoon, we found out about the history of Children in Need and why it is important. Can you spot one of the children in the second photo?

Double Page Spread on Llandudno or Barmouth

Over the last week, the children have researched a coastal town – either Barmouth or Llandudno. They have then used their research and amazing writing skills to create the creative double page spreads below. I was amazed by the work the children created – you should all be incredibly proud of yourselves. I have included a few of the pieces of work below.