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Club Matrix Letter- Up to Christmas 2018- 06.11.18

Club Matrix – Up to Christmas 2018

Kit list for Year 5 Condover residential visit

Reminder letter re Year 5 Condover residential visit- 25.10.18

BOPTA Letter re Bags2School- 25.10.18

Letter re cost and payment for Year 6 Leavers Hoodies- 24.10.18

Reminder letter re Class 3, 4 and 5 visit to DEWA Chester on 22nd October- 18.10.18

Poster re Bryn Offa Parent Teacher Association AGM on 17th October 2018

Reminder letter about Year 6 applications for secondary school- 16.10.18

Letter re BOPTA Halloween Disco on 18th October- 10.10.18

Letter from S. Grassby at The Marches re Cross Country- 09.10.18

Letter re Class 3, 4 and 5 visit to DEWA Chester on 22nd October- 08.10.18

Letter regarding Parents Evening October 2018- 08.10.18

Letter re Year 6 Open Door Project on Wednesday 10th October- 03.10.18

Poster for Novelty Veg and Fruit Animal Comp on Wednesday 10th October

Letter re novelty vegetable animal competition on Wednesday 10th October – 03.10.18

Letter re new Parent Governor in October 2018- 02.10.18

Letter re changes to school communication – 28.09.18

Letter re Cross Country at The Marches on 4th and 10th October- 28.09.18

PHNS letterhead reception extra letter parents- 26.09.18

PHNS letterhead NCMP year 6 letter parent- 26.09.18

Letter re Leavers Hoodies-25.09.18 (enclosing order form)

Year 6 Leavers Hoodies- Order Form

Letter re Parent Elections for Autumn 2018- 21.09.18

Letter re Year 6 Leavers Hoodies 2019- 29.09.18

Letter re Mrs Phillips and Janet Brown- 19.09.18

Club Matrix – Up to Autumn Half Term 2018

Club Matrix Letter- Up to Autumn Half Term – 17.09.18

Letter re important dates for 2018-2019- 05.09.18

Letter re parking arrangements- 05.09.18

Letter re school bus and pant pandas nursery- 04.09.18

Letter re Meeting New Teacher – 04.09.18

Letter re Request for Pupil Leave of Absence- 07.06.18