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Reception September 2022

General Information

School Uniform

If you would to start ordering Bryn Offa sweatshirts, cardigans and bookbags in readiness for your child’s start with us in September, these can be purchased from the School Shop Direct website (www.schoolshopdirect.co.uk). You can also order by telephone if you wish (01743 440449) or by emailing info@schoolshopdirect.co.uk

Please ensure that all your child’s school uniform and equipment is labelled clearly with your child’s name. Sewn in labels are best as handwritten names often wear off in the wash. Things only tend to get lost if they don’t have a name on them!

Details of the Bryn Offa school uniform requirements are shown below:

Boys uniform

* Bryn Offa sweatshirt or plain navy jumper

* Plain grey or black trousers or shorts

* Plain white polo shirt, shirt or t-shirt

* Black shoes or sandals (buckle or velcro fastenings please for children who are unable to tie laces). Please also note that socks must be worn with both shoes and sandals.

Girls uniform

* Bryn Offa sweatshirt/cardigan or plain navy jumper or cardigan

* Plain grey or black trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore dress

* Plain white polo shirt, shirt, blouse or t-shirt

* Checked or striped summer dress in blue and white

* Black shoes or sandals (buckle or Velcro fastenings please for children who are unable to tie laces). Please also note that socks must be worn with both shoes and sandals.

It is useful if your child’s bookbag could have an accessory such as a key ring attached to the handle to make it easier for them to identify which bag is theirs. Children in Key Stage 2 tend to bring their own rucksack but these should be kept to an appropriate size due to lack of space in the cloakrooms.

The children can bring their own water bottles to school. We do have some Bryn Offa water bottles in school if you would like to buy one for £2.00 but they do have the previous school logo on.

Items of jewellery (other than a watch) should not be worn to school. Stud earrings are permitted but they should not be worn during PE lessons. If they cannot be removed, they should be taped over with an appropriate low level adhesive medical tape.

PE Kit

It is essential that all children have a full PE kit in school with them. We encourage parents to bring their child’s PE kit into school on the first day of term and for it to be left in school for a whole half term. As with all other items of uniform, all items or clothing and the PE bag must be labelled clearly with your child’s name.

Your child’s PE kit should consist of the following:

* White or navy plain shorts

* White or navy plain t-shirt

* Tracksuit bottoms/leggings and top for outdoor PE (these items are not required in the summer)

* Plimsolls or trainers

Further information can be found on our School Information page