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All about us!

Our aim is to foster the wellbeing of the school and to provide links between parents and teachers. We also aim to enhance the financial state of Bryn Offa by providing the children with additional resources and greater opportunities through fundraising activities.

We organise events at school for the benefit of the children as well as raising money. In the past these have included discos, treasure hunts, bingo evenings and cake sales. In the past few years we have purchased many items for the school, including a new art easel for Class 1, aprons for the art room, a play wall in the playground, scientific models, guided reading books and atlas’s. At Christmas time, BOPTA arranges for a visit from Father Christmas and every child in the school gets a present.

We encourage volunteer involvement in BOPTA activities and we act as an important link between the teachers and governors of the school and parents. Being part of the committee is also a great way for parents or carers to make new friends whilst helping to make the children of Bryn Offa have access to additional resources that are outside of the school budget.

Any parent or carer of a pupil at Bryn Offa is automatically a member of BOPTA, and therefore welcome to any meeting and to get involved with our activities.

We have a new way for you to contact the committee. If you would like to get in touch, communication will now be via our new email. Please use the link below:


BOPTA Constitution

This is a copy of our constitution which was agreed at a meeting on Thursday 20th October 2022.

Dates for your diary

2022/2023 events


Easter Cake Sale

31st March 2023

Next BOPTA Meeting

Thursday 19th January

School Art Room 3.15pm

All are welcome to attend and there will be a table for the children to sit at and play while we have the meeting.

How we spend the money we raise

We accept requests from staff for items that they think the pupils would benefit from, but the school budget does not allow. We also take ideas from the committee, on what they feel would improve the pupils time at Bryn Offa. A selection of the projects we have funded are below. We are always open to new ideas on what we can raise money for.


Father Christmas Visit 2022

BOPTA organised a visit from Father Christmas and his elf, with a present for each child in the school. The children were very excited to meet him & enjoyed chatting with Father Christmas and his elf in the hall. Huge thanks to Father Christmas and his elf for taking time out of their busy schedule to visit us.


Year 6 Leavers Presents

Every year BOPTA get each leaver a little gift bag. This year they received a dictionary, a mug with all of their names on it, a framed photo of all the leavers and some sweets. These were handed out during their leavers play. We wish them every luck on their next stage of their learning journey.


Jubilee Mugs

To commemorate the Queens Jubilee, Mrs Prior suggested we donate a mug to each child in the school. The children received their mug during a special assembly.


Trip to Theatre Severn

This year the school took the children to Theatre Severn to watch a live performance. It was the 1st time in over 10 years we have completed this trip. BOPTA paid for the transport, to help keep costs down for the parents. It was a great success, with the children (& adults) enjoying the performances.

KS1 watched The Smartest Giant In Town
KS2 watched Gangsta Granny


New Playhouse – 2022

Due to all the recent fundraising, we have been able to buy a new playhouse for the KS1 playground. It is a great addition to the playground and the children love it. Thank you for your continued support, making such purchases possible. Here are some pictures of the behind the scenes work from BOPTA committee members and Mr Jones, who came down to lend a hand.

New Thesauruses and Dictionaries for KS1

We had a request from Mrs Maxfield for some new thesauruses and dictionaries for KS1. We used some of the money from the last cake sale to buy these. At our latest meeting Mrs Maxfield came and brought us some lovely thank you cards from her class. It was so lovely to hear how much the children had used the new books we had brought and the committee loved looking through the cards they had made. Purchases like these are only possible due to the continued support we receive from the wonderful family at Bryn Offa.

Past Events

Christmas Raffle

We ran a raffle which we drew on one of the Christmas performances. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and donated prizes, we made an impressive £349.

Teas and Coffees at Christmas Performances

Thank you to everyone who supported our refreshment stall at the Christmas performances we raised £227.43 from your kind donations. Also big thanks to all those who helped on the stall to make it run smoothly, without you we couldn’t run.

School Disco

The children enjoyed the disco and we saw some very good dancing! Thanks to everyone who helped on the night, including Mr Jones who also enjoyed the dancing! We raised £138.50 which is a great amount, but most importantly it was lovely to see so many happy faces enjoying themselves.

Autumn Cake Sale

Thank you to everyone who donated cakes and also those who came along to buy the cakes. We made £206.25.

Date Raffle

Thank you to everyone who brought a date in the date raffle. Thanks to Jo Waters who ran it, we made an impressive profit £131.20.

Summer Disco 2022

It was so lovely to finally be able to have a disco. It was great to see the children enjoying the disco and we made a profit of £147.50. Thank you to everyone who came & the group of volunteers who made the evening go smoothly.

Queens Jubilee Bingo

Thank you to everyone who attended the bingo evening, it was lovely to see so many there enjoying the evening. Big thanks to our man on the mic, Nigel Creaser. Our profit for the evening was £180.14.

Easter Cake Sale

Thank you to everyone who came to the cake sale and everyone who donated the delicious cakes.

We raised an impressive £207.61!!

Christmas Raffle 2021

Thank you to everyone who brought tickets for the Christmas raffle, we raised an amazing amount of £646. We will hopefully be using this money to partly fund the upcoming trip to Theatre Severn.

BOPTA Easter Trail

Thank you to all the children, parents, families and friends who walked the BOPTA Easter Trail over the Easter holidays. Despite some of the letters going missing, we had lots of entries! Thank you to everyone who took part. We hope the children enjoy their gifts for taking part! Thank you to Matt Lee from Manic Events who donated the prizes, we raised £52.