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John Muir Award

Congratulations to all of the Year 5 Children who have completed their John Muir award. For details of the activities which they have been undertaking, please see the write up below.

JOHN MUIR 2021-22

John Muir facts

Born =April 21 1838

Died=December 24 1914

Died at age=76

He was the father of the National Parks and one of the people that started conservation.

The John Muir award encourages people of all backgrounds to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places. The trust John Muir award is an environment award scheme that focuses on wild places.

Day one

We lay on the grass and listened to the birds and the cars going by. It was lovely to look after our world and when you do it you feel really good to know you did that. we heard black birds, peregrine falcons swoop past us.

After that we went up to the rock and wrote a poem about the wildlife around us. it was an amazing thing to see everyone really interested to hold mother nature and its areas around us .

It is important to look after our planet because we are inheriting it by not throwing our rubbish away . you might think chopping down trees is bad for our planet but really if you chop down 4 to 5 it is not that bad because the wild flowers can grow in the places the trees were and that’s what we did in john muir .

Day 2.

We walked to the heritage area and explored it. We used trundle wheels to measure everything and then made maps of the area.

Day 3

Conservation task

Today people went to get a fire started and in pairs we cut down trees branches and put them in the fire. People helped Gareth put stuff on the hot fire and we got to see peregrine falcons mating to get a new family. Then we went back to the forest school area to rest and have some lunch and have a play round the area. Then we went back to meat Gareth and look to see if there was any more peregrine falcons and keep cutting and burning. Then Gareth went around with this blue chemical and dab the stumps so the trees and twigs don’t grow back.

We did it so that the flowers like orchids and many over lovely flowers can grow and it will look better without loads of trees. It is also important because butterflies can feed on the flowers and many people can travel and see the rare orchard’s what grow there. It is also important so the sun light can help the flowers grow.