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Design & Technology (D&T)

Our vision for D&T is to creatively design, make and evaluate products that solve real and relevant problems, considering the needs of others and themselves.


It is the intent of Bryn Offa CE Primary School for Design and Technology to be taught in all classes and year groups through at least one project per term. This will be differentiated so all children can access the project being taught, whilst also building on their knowledge from previous years.

The D&T curriculum at Bryn Offa should be progressive allowing the children to further develop their skills. The Medium Term Plan and Skill Progression Table should ensure this. Within Reception, D&T links to three strands of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework: physical development, expressive arts and design, and understanding the world. D&T projects should be cross curricular wherever possible, with particular emphasis on science, computing and maths in KS2. With each project, the children must be encouraged to develop their designing and evaluating skills, as well as, develop their technical skills through making different products. The six essential areas of D&T: user, purpose, innovation, authenticity, functionality and design decisions should be considered by teachers when planning and delivering lessons. Children across the school will be encouraged to be creative, problem solve and develop their communication skills through D&T, regardless of their age. The children must be taught the correct vocabulary related to their project and encouraged to apply this terminology. Throughout KS2, children will be encouraged to research individual designers who have made a substantial impact on the world of technology.

Each year, one of the three projects taught will focus on food technology. Within KS1, children begin to learn how ingredients are grown, caught or reared. They will then use this knowledge in their cookery projects. Within KS2, emphasis will be placed on nutrition, providing a link to our PSHE curriculum.

Our Curriculum:

At Bryn Offa CE Primary School, each class completes a Design & Technology project per term; allowing the children to experience designing, creating and evaluating real and relevant products, which have a user and a purpose. Our Medium Term Plan has been split into a 2 year cycle for each class so the children can experience the breadth and depth of our Design & Technology curriculum.

Here are some pictures of previous D&T Projects:

Class 5 – Frame Structures:

Class 3 – Christmas Boxes (Shell Structures):

Class 2 – Moving pictures project:

Class 5 – Pneumatics Focussed Task:

Class 4 & 5 – Cheese Scones Project:

Class 2 – Fruit Salad:

Class 2 – Mars Rovers (wheels and axles):

Class 5 – Textile project with Computer Aided Design:

Class 3 – Pasta Salad Project:

Class 2 – Textiles Project:

Class 1 – Pumpkin soup:

Class 1 skill development – Building Structures using Blocks:

Class 4 – Illuminating decoration (Simple Circuits and Switches):

Class 2 – Safari Hides (Frame Structures):

Class 4 – Shell structures (Children’s Cereal Packaging):

Enrichment Activities at The Marches:

Each year, our Year 5 children experience a STEAM morning at The Marches. This year, they did some food tasting. The children learnt that how food smells and looks affects how it tastes. Apparently, cinnamon did not taste of anything when the children pinched their nose. Below you can see them doing some blind taste tests.