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At Bryn Offa we want our pupils to be inspired to develop a love of history and a desire to learn more about Britain’s past and that of the wider world.

Our curriculum will challenge pupils to make sense of the striking similarities and vast differences in human experiences across time and place.  Children will begin to learn that events which happen today often have their origins in the past.  Pupils will also begin to understand that what we do today and the decisions we make will affect the future.

Our history curriculum builds a strong foundation of knowledge and skills as set out in the National Curriculum, which teaches both substantive knowledge and the disciplinary skills pupils needed to become critical historians.  Children will be taught to ask and investigate their own questions by selecting and exploring a range of sources, and then be able to respond by organising a range of historical information. We will ensure our pupils have a good chronological awareness and will be able to note connections, contrasts and trends over time. The past and changing accounts of the past have shaped the identities of diverse people, groups and nations, we will therefore, ensure that our curriculum is representative of society and will include the history of women, children, the poor and migration between countries. We will support children to develop an appreciation of local history through two studies of the area.

We will develop children’s thinking skills and their ability to evaluate evidence, particularly propaganda so they are not taken in by people trying to deceive.  We believe this is a very important life skill.


History Skills Progression

Class Three enjoyed a fabulous Egyptian day!