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Welcome to Bryn Offa CE Primary School

Message From Mr Thompson

Thank you all for being so patient while we have been trying to sort out all the lines of communication at this difficult time. We have had to make quite a few changes, whilst taking care not not to compromise the security of the information we store.

We have already started to make more use of email, as form of communication that is secure enough for things that are not sensitive. I am planning for the use of emails to continue, not just for now but in the future. Very shortly we will have a secure system set up at school, and I hope you will begin to receive these emails as early as tomorrow. Though the first few may be test emails.

It is great to hear that many of you are now making use of the school web site, but I understand some have been having some difficulties accessing on touchscreens due to the way the menus work. I’m attempting to fix that now, and will hopefully be able to change the website in a few other ways to reflect the way we have changed how we use it.

The class emails are now set up for you and your to be able to communicate with the teachers. You can find these on their class homepages, but please do be considerate in the way these are used. The teachers may have a different workload at the moment, but they are still working extremely hard to do the multitude of things that are still essential to keep all our children safe and well.

Mr Thompson