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Newspaper reports – Class 2

Here are just some of our amazing newspaper reports following the stampede last week!

They will all be available to look at during parents evening.

Shocking stampede causes chaos! – Class 2

This morning Class 2 were shocked and amazed to find this clip on the school CCTV footage!

You won’t believe what happened over the weekend!!

Class 2 will be writing a news report based on this footage this week!

Roald Dahl Day – Class 2

We had so much fun in Class 2 on Roald Dahl day! We read parts of lots of different Roald Dahl books, we learnt about Roald Dahl and wrote our own fact files, we even played Roald Dahl games in our P.E. session.

Look at our amazing costumes!

Welcome back!

Welcome back everyone!

We’re in for a busy half term! Below is a link to our term curriculum map which shows exactly what Class 2 will be getting up to.

Autumn term – Term curriculum map

Plenty to look forward to!

Miss Jones x

Class 1 and 2 – Golf Session

On Friday afternoon Class 1 and 2 went out onto the field to try their hands at golf!

They were lucky enough to all have a coaching session from Tom.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!

Class 2 – Visit to the British Ironworks Centre

On Wednesday 26th June Class 2 visited the British Ironworks Centre!

We did lots of great activities!

We all created our own pebbles to go on the wiggler path. We even made one for the whole of Bryn Offa!

We also went on  a tour of the showroom and hunted for as many different materials as we could find. We found rubber, plastic, metal, fabric, leather and wood.

Over lunch we completed a drawing competition! We had to draw our favourite sculpture from the day. They were judged by members of staff at the centre. A big well done to George (1st), Maddie (2nd) and Alfie (3rd).

We visited a potter called Georgie who showed us how to make a bowl out of clay.

We completed the safari quiz going through all the incredible animals and finding the answers to some very tricky questions! Of course we took Safari Bear with us!

Finally we had a really special treat of ice cream pots!!

Class 2 – Safari Bears structure

Our final challenge for D&T was to design and create a hide for safari bear using only skewers, elastic bands and sellotape.

Here are each tables structure with their chosen names:

Safari bear’s cave – Purple table

The fun hide out – Yellow table

X21 – Green table

Safari Bear’s camouflage cosy raft tent – Pink table

Class 1 and 2 – Visit to church

Yesterday Class 1 and 2 both walked to Llanymynech church.

When we arrived Rev. Trimby had organised a role play baptism involving some of the children.

We also when on a hunt for some of the important symbols around the church and completed some sketches.

After we went to the Heritage Area for a picnic!

All the children were fantastic! Their behaviour was brilliant and they really enjoyed their visit!

A big thank you to all the volunteers who walked with us, to and from church.

Class 2 – Gymnastics coaching

On Wednesday afternoon we were lucky enough to have a visit from Chris, a gymnastics coach from Border Counties School of Gymnastics.

He taught us a range of different jumps, how to complete different balances, how to land safely when completing a jump and how to present.

Class 2 – Structures challenge

This week we started our new D&T project, which is based on structures.

As a starting point Miss Jones set a challenge to see which team could design and build the tallest structure, using marshmallows and spaghetti!

We had a look at some famous tall buildings before we started, and worked together as a team to design and build our structures!