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Class 3 and 4’s St Agatha’s Church Visit

This morning, Class 3 and 4 enjoyed a fantastic morning at St Agatha’s Church, learning all about the different features of a church.

Thank you to Reverend Trimby and members of the parish for their support in making the visit a great success.


Climbing and Caving in Year 3

On Monday 18th June, Year 3 had an amazing time climbing and caving around Llanymynech rock.

The children all challenged themselves despite the dreary weather and their behaviour was, as always, exceptional.

Well done Year 3.


Class 3 Make Shepherds Pie

After weeks of research into food groups, Class 3 finally made a delicious Shepherds Pie. All children had the opportunity to peel, chop, mash, grater and stir the ingredients before sampling the delicious food; there wasn’t a scrap leftover!

Well done, Class 3.

Planting Sunflowers in Class 3

This morning, Class 3 enjoyed the sunshine while planting sunflower seeds outside our classroom. This links nicely with our ‘Living Things’ Science topic, while also incorporating following instructions in English, and using our Maths to accurately measure how deep and how far apart to plant the seeds.

Well done Class 3!

Looking at Seed Dispersal in Class 3

In Science this afternoon, Class 3 learned about the different ways plants disperse their seeds. We went outside and pretended to be seeds and disperse in different ways. We had  a lot of fun.




Science and Cooking in Class 3

Class 3 have had an action packed day of cooking and Science.

We split into two groups for the afternoon and while one group made and tasted their own pasta dishes, the other group investigated mini-beasts using magnifying glasses before we swapped. We also all made our own paper aeroplane to investigate the effects of air resistance.

A fantastic day Class 3.

National Science Week in Class 3

To kick off National Science Week, all members of class 3 have planted their own seeds. As well as investigating what plants need to grow well, we have also planted some where we have changed variables including light, temperature and water.

We are looking forward to seeing the results!

Miss Harvey


World Book Day in Class 3

Thank you to all parents for helping to create such fabulous costumes. Everyone looked amazing!

Cooking in Class 3

So far this week, class 3 have sampled a range of Italian cuisine and pancakes with various toppings.

The children have been absolutely fantastic at trying new foods and have developed their understanding of taste, texture and appearance. We have rated our favourite foods and used the information to create tally charts and pictograms in Maths.


Miss Harvey

Arthog Outreach – Year 4

Today, the Year 4s from Class 3 and 4 experienced two activities provided by Arthog Outreach. They got to go canoeing down the canal, which was absolutely fantastic. It really encouraged the children to work as a team and communicate well with one another. We also got to experience some bush-craft activities. One group made nettle and elderflower tea whilst the other made popcorn. Everybody had a lovely time and coped really well with the heat!

Miss Hyde