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Class 4 trip to Attingham Park – by Izzy Howard-Elliott

Yesterday (Wednesday 22nd May), Class 4 visited Attingham Park. Miss Hyde organised the trip as an introduction to our new science topic – living things and their habitats. We split up into three groups of 10 and were joined by the following: Miss Hughes, Mr Bevan, Mrs Morris and Mrs Hyde. After a long coach trip … of 45 minutes … we arrived. I was happy to smell some fresh air not a sweaty coach. Then we immediately met our volunteers and started our activities.

Firstly, we walked down a lane with rocky pebbles to put our bags in a sandstone coloured mansion. We saw the following birds: swallows, house martins, blue tits and ravens. After that, we went to the toilet. Then we set off on our first activity. We walked happily through a bright, colourful meadow. Our volunteers were talking about the following flowers: daisies, buttercups, violets, bluebells and many more.

After a while, we went pond dipping. The volunteers explained very clearly what we needed to do. They then handed out the nets and we were in partners. Me and Louise caught so many different creatures, the volunteers were so happy with our group! Then we got 2 clear pots and choose 2 of our creatures to share.

Before long, we walked back through the meadow and down the lane. We spotted horse-chestnut trees before jumping on the camo-coloured, green trailer. After a while, we spotted some fallow deer. Did you know:

  • A male is a buck?
  • A female is a doe?
  • A baby is a fawn?
  • Does give birth in nettles to keep the fawns safe?

Every couple of minutes, the tractor would stop and the volunteers would say some interesting facts and let us hold artifacts or pictures. After the ride, we went for lunch with a smile.

At 12:15, after washing our hands and going to the toilets, we ate our lunch. I had the following:

  • half a ham sandwich
  • 1 dragon Mr Kiblin
  • and 2 almond jam slices.

After lunch, we did the woodland walk. Before we started to walk, the volunteer said “Watch out for animals!” Someone found a spider and rabbit poo!

Then, he showed us a mole, it was the size of Miss Hughes’ hand. We started the trail. The man (volunteer) showed the way and he told us about the blue tits, which have lived in the weight of the gate for many years. We got to work and saw the following flowers: forget-me-nots, speedwells, red clovers and cowslip. Before long, we found a tree that a great spotted woodpecker had been busy working on.

In the blink of an eye, we were of again. The volunteer was very clear and helpful and happy with our group. Soon we were at the end with a lot of knowledge. In no time, we hopped on the tractor to get the bus.

My favourite part was when the volunteer said I could be a leader and when the bright, red tractor went fast and we all screamed yay! I would recommend this trip to everyone it was so much fun and other people said they loved the trip. If I could rate it , i would give it 5 stars. After, a long 45 minute coach trip we were eventually at school and went to the playground to relax.

Class 4 Trip to Attingham Park – by Edward Huninik

Yesterday (Wednesday 22nd May), we visited Attingham Park because our new Science topic is Living Things and their Habitats. We were split into three groups of ten. We went with Miss Hyde, Mrs Morris, Miss Hughes and Mr Bevan. I was in Mr Bevan’s group. After a long coach trip, which took about forty five minutes we arrived. Also, I was partners with Vince.

First, we got off the bus and dropped our bags in the room we were going to have lunch in. Then, we went to wait for the very bumpy tractor. Then we drove to see the cute, spotty deer. Did you know:

  • That a male deer is a buck and a female is called a doe?
  • Every year, there antlers fall off and about a month later they grow another spike?
  • Deer have their babies (fawns) in nettles?
  • They know which baby is theirs based on the smell?
  • The bucks fight until they get worn out, whoever wins the female deer likes?
  • The bucks roll in their own wee and use it as perfume?
  • The bottoms of trees were flat because the deer eat them?

After that, we got off the trailer and went through a gate, which had a steel box on which blue tits sometimes nest in. As we got further and further, into the woodland walk we saw a rusty, old bit of iron. We lifted it up and underneath were a million ants with their eggs. They were moving them to safety. Then we saw some badger holes, there were about twenty-four badger holes in the area. We were also surrounded by lots of beautiful flowers. You could hear the birds go tweet! Tweet!

Next, we had lunch and in my packed lunch I had the following: an apple, a juice carton, a rice crispie cake, a Harribo packet, some crisps, a chocolate bar and a ham sandwich. After, we played a quick game of tag to wait for everyone else to finish their lunch. Later, we sat in the cool shade to cool us down.

Then we went to the pond, I was partners with Vince. We caught three pond snails. You had to crawl along the dock so you didn’t fall in.You had a bright, yellow tray, as yellow as the sun, filled with some pond water. You needed two nets between you. My partner and I caught lots of interesting creatures, which looked like circles, sticks and scorpions. Vince caught a lot too. There were pond leeches and great newts. there were lots of dragonflies there and there were two who were mating. They landed on my shoulder and were red.

Then we got on the bus, which was a fifty-five seater, and went back to school and played some tag. My favourite bit was the pond dipping. Daisy’s opinion was also that the pond dipping was her favourite. It was a fun trip.

Attingham Park Trip

Today, Class 4 visited Attingham Park. We had a fantastic day and learnt lots of interesting facts relating to our science topic of living things and their habitats. The children will be creating blog posts over the next few days. A select few will be put on here for you to read. A massive thank you to the volunteers from Attingham Park who made our day so special and Miss Hughes, Mr Bevan, Mrs Morris and Mrs Hyde.

Miss Hyde


Nature Scavenger Hunt – Class 4

Yesterday, we went on a Nature Scavenger Hunt to start our topic of living things and their habitats. We had to find the following:

  • something that was living
  • something that was once alive
  • something that had never been alive
  • something dormant (seed)
  • a man-made material
  • a natural mixture (soil)

The children enjoyed the activity.

Miss Hyde

Science – Class 4

Yesterday in Class 4, we investigated separating mixtures. We separated raisins and flour using a sieve. This worked because the raisins are larger than the holes in the sieve. The rice and paper-clips were separated by a magnet, as paperclips are magnetic. We decided to put the salt and water into an evaporating dish and left it over night. He are some photos of the results:

The water evaporated and left us with the salt.

Miss Hyde

Condover Trip

After school yesterday, I showed the current Year 4’s and their parents this video about Condover.

If you have any questions about the Condover residential, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss Hyde

British Science Week – Class 4 and 5

Today in Class 4 and yesterday in Class 5, we looked at the causes of pollution in the UK. We had 2 samples of water: A was from a pond in the countryside and B was from a puddle near a main road. Everyone practiced using a pipette to add the reagent to each sample. Sample B turned black/brown because the reagent reacted with the pollutant.

The children enjoyed using the scientific equipment.

Miss Hyde

Class 4 – Science Week (Journey to Space)

Today, we made our rockets as part of Science Week. We mixed Bicarbonate of Soda with vinegar, which created Carbon Dioxide. The build up of Carbon Dioxide created so much pressure in our rocket that it went soaring up in the air.

The children really enjoyed the activity.

Miss Hyde

World Book Day in Class 4

For World Book Day, we have begun our setting descriptions based on our class book ‘Escape from Pompeii’ and we have created posters to advertise our favourite book.

Miss Hyde

Class 4 – Escape from Pompeii

In Class 4, we have learning about Pompeii and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We have used our research and the book ‘Escape from Pompeii’ to create a picture of Pompeii before the eruption. Around our picture, we have created an idea bank. These will allow us to write our own setting descriptions later this week.

Escape from Pompeii Escape from Pompeii 2 Escape from Pompeii 3 Escape from Pompeii 4

I am so proud of each child’s work, I have scanned them all to make the files above.

Well done everyone,

Miss Hyde