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Class 5’s St Agatha’s Church Visit

Last Friday, Class 5 went to St Agatha’s church in Llanymynech to look at the various features of a Christian church.

All of the children enjoyed their morning and learnt a great deal.  They were a pleasure to take out of the classroom and listened

impeccably to Reverend Trimby and her volunteer helpers from the local churches in the area.

Arthog Outreach – Canoeing and bushcraft experience

Today, the Year 4s and some children who had previously missed out on the opportunity went to Pool Quay. We spent half the day canoeing and the other half completing bushcraft activities. Everybody had a lovely day in the warm, sunny weather and the behaviour was excellent.

Miss Hyde, Mr Bevan and Miss Hughes

Class Five – Enterprise Week

Class 5 have had a fantastic week running their stalls during break and lunchtime.  The children would like to thank all of the children and parents who have supported them throughout the week.  The grand total raised was £520.50, which is an amazing effort.  The children are looking forward to putting on a show to say thank you to all of the children in addition to their end of year trip when we will say goodbye to our current Year 6 pupils.  All of your support has been really appreciated.

Mr Jones

Class 5’s Historical Visit

On Wednesday 5th June, Class 5 had enjoyable trip up Llanymynech Hill where they learned all about the lives of the Roman and Celts in our local area. They wrote from the viewpoint of a Celtic warrior and did some sketching of the cave.

Fantastic work Class 5

500 Words success for Imogen

Last term, Class 5 pupils entered the BBC Radio Two 500 words, story writing competition.  This is a national competition entered by hundreds of thousands of children each year.  This year one of our pupils has been shortlisted into the top 5000 stories…What a fantastic achievement.  The successful author is Imogen Wills.  Her story ‘The Empty Bowl’ can be read below.

The Empty Bowl

By Imogen Wills

That morning my human left my food bowl empty, so I decided that I would have to tell my human to feed me… I began clambering and scrambling up the mighty staircase that I had experienced my human carry me up many times before. As I reached the top a sense of victory and pride overwhelmed me. I had conquered the staircase without human assistance! I walked forward with a renewed sense of confident bubbling up inside me. I swiftly slid into the bedroom through the door that my human had left open. Using my agile legs I sprung onto the bedside and went to claim my space on my humans ignorant, sleeping face  Finally. my human woke up she didn’t seem to appreciate me being her furry alarm clock. But I needed to be fed. As she walked into the kitchen I was happy she was finally going to feed me but she didn’t. She walked past oblivious to the fact that my food bowl was empty.  That night, my human invited more humans into my territory, this was the perfect time to wreak havoc on the house and the inhabitants. I squeezed through the open window on the first floor and jumped onto the dew covered lawn. I let out a long pitiful meow and to my joy they came.

Sadly, our entrance plan had been foiled by the humans shutting the window. So we decided to beg for entrance, we began scratching the window and making pitiful meows. Finally, one of the humans came and opened the window. Granting access to the house. We lunged into the house crashing through the open window, knocking everything off the windowsill. Our first victim was the pitiful human who opened the window for us, we decided to make her one of us. When she emerged from underneath the kitty pile she , she now possessed whiskers After the humans had just seen a stampede of kittens come flowing into the house they were undoubtedly shocked, let alone the fact that they had seen their friend be turned from human to feline.

My human sprinted up into the dreaded bathroom dragging her ice cube companion across the floor We all knew the bathroom, was a place of pure evil. It was the watery depths of hell. But we were determined to conquer the humans. We charged into the bathroom and saw the humans in the shower. The satanic shower. Some of our troops fainted in panic but we were ready to fight, to take a stand against the humans, to serve them revenge for not serving us our food. We pounced, lunging through the water…Everything went black for the humans… The girl woke up, covered in cold sweat. She realised it was a dream and swung her legs out of bed and walked to the kitchen. Just to be greeted with the sight of an empty food bowl…

Orienteering Competition

Today, some of the Year 6 children took part in an orienteering competition at Marches. It was a really challenging day which involved 3 activities. We finished in a very respectable 3rd place. Well done to all the children who took part.

Miss Hyde

British Science Week – Class 4 and 5

Today in Class 4 and yesterday in Class 5, we looked at the causes of pollution in the UK. We had 2 samples of water: A was from a pond in the countryside and B was from a puddle near a main road. Everyone practiced using a pipette to add the reagent to each sample. Sample B turned black/brown because the reagent reacted with the pollutant.

The children enjoyed using the scientific equipment.

Miss Hyde

Sportshall Athletics County Final

On Tuesday 5th March, Bryn Offa’s girls athletics team took part in the County final held at Shrewsbury Sports Village.  The girls had won two previous rounds and earnt the right to represent North Shropshire.  The standard was incredibly high, but the girls produced some amazing displays to finish in a very credible 6th position.  Well done to all!

Mr Jones

KS2 Indoor Athletics Success!

Following their huge success in the Oswestry Area competition, Bryn Offa’s athletes represented Oswestry in the North Shropshire competition.  Both our boys and girls team performed amazingly well.  The boys finished in joint 1st position on points only to narrowly lose out  to Market Drayton Junior School in a sudden death relay.

The Girls however, went on better.  They won the overall competition and will now represent North Shropshire in the County final on MArch 5th.

Well done to both teams – They were brilliant!


KS2 Netball

On Thursday 7th February, Bryn Offa’s Netball team produced an incredibly high quality display to finish in second position in the Oswestry area competition.  Well done to all of those involved.