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Whole School Superheroes Writing Competition

We’d like to invite the whole school to take part in the ‘Bryn Offa Superhero Writing Competition!’ The competition will run until 15th June so there is plenty of time to get your thinking caps on. There are lots of resources on the links below including stories, wordbanks and planning ideas. There will be a prize for each class winner so why not give it a try?! Take a look at the powerpoint for your key stage for more information, and then work your way through the resources. All entries can be sent to Miss Harvey at class3@brynoffa.shropshire.sch.uk. Good Luck!

Key Stage 1 Resources:

Key Stage 2 Resources:

Free School Meals

The free school meals we provide are divided into the two different categories of Universal Infant Free School Meals, and the Benefits Related Free School Meals.

The food voucher scheme relates only to the Benefits related meals. as detailed on this government page:


I have emailed the families who are currently entitled to the vouchers, and am in the process of making the arrangements for their delivery by email. This is likely to take a day or two.

If the entitled families have not received an email from me, it is because the email contact we is out of date, and families must contact me with an active email account if this is the case.

Families who currently find themselves in a financial situation which may entitle them to apply for the benefits related free meals, should make contact with me and I can try to provide further information on the process.

Mr Thompson

5th April

Class 1 and 2 Easter Challenges

Have a look on Class 1 & 2’s homepage’s for some fun challenges to complete over Easter! We hope you’re all well and wish you a very happy Easter!

Class 3, 4 and 5 Easter Home Learning

Please check out our home pages for a link to some fun Easter challenges. We wish you all a Happy Easter and hope you are keeping well and enjoying your family time. We will be posting more fun activities after Easter 🙂

More Free Online Reading

Check out https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/books/free-ebooks/ which has thousands of books to suit children ages 3-11 including Biff and Chip, Winnie the Witch and some great non-fiction titles. Register for free and enjoy the brilliant selection of books on offer.

Miss Harvey

Free Online Reading Books

I am sure many of you are coming to the end of your school reading books, so I have included below a link to a fantastic online resources which has thousands of online books available to read. You can choose the genre you would like to read and also check that it is age appropriate. There are great links to books on Animals, Science, Maths and a huge range of fiction books. It really is worth a look. The more you read, the more you are going to learn. Enjoy!


Miss Harvey

Important Message

Sorry it has taken so long, but setting up the ability to send emails out to the whole school has been bizarrely difficult. I’ve sent the important email to the email we have for you on the school money system, so if this is not correct you may need to let me know. I’m getting undeliverable messages already so there must be some not correct.

I’ll reproduce the letter on the main page for those of you who don’t receive it.

Hopefully I have not made any mistakes. You should ONLY see your email address and not anyone not the email address of any other parent.

This will help communication between us all, but I don’t want to use this too often at the moment in case I make a mistake.

Mr Thompson

Class 3 Homepage

Good Afternoon Class 3,

Please check out our new Class 3 Homepage on the top toolbar😃

Class 2 Home page

Hi Class 2,

Please see our brand new Class 2 homepage for an update!

Miss Jones x

Hub Schools

I have deleted the previous post on hub schools to improve the accuracy of the information I am giving.

The nearest Hub School is Whittington Primary School, but I would ask you not to contact them directly. If you need a place in this hub please contact me directly on my email address head@brynoffa.shropshire.sch.uk

When I receive your email I’ll email a form to you to collect the relevant information. I apologise if this is some of the same information you gave to me previously on our paper forms, but these are at school and not possible to retrieve.

Even before you get the form back there is another piece of information I may need more urgently. If you think you may need transport provided by the local authority if you received a place at the hub school please contact me as soon as possible.

Mr Thompson