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School Closed

It is with enormous regret that I will be closing Bryn Offa CE Primary School until further notice.

After recent changes in the recommendations by the World Health Organisation, I am not confident that I can provide a safe environment for my staff to work in.This is simply not a risk I can ignore.

The local authority has been informed, and if you need provision for your children you must contact the LA for them to make arrangements. Further details will follow asap.

I really did try my very best to make this work, but it was simply a risk too far.

Mr Thompson

Class 4 – Cards for Brook House

Yesterday, Class 4 made cards for the residents and staff at Brook House and Chirk Court to hopefully cheer them up. This shows how kind and caring the children at Bryn Offa are and how they care about their local and wider community.

Well done Class 4!

Miss Hyde

Covid-19 Update

15th March 2020 16:19

At the time of this update we are open as normal tomorrow. If your child is unwell and not able to attend school tomorrow please telephone school to let us know.

The guidance from the government remains the same, anyone with a new and persistent cough or a temperature above 37.8C should self isolate for a period of 7 days but this does not extend to the whole family.

The temperature guidance is very clear to follow, but there have been debates over the weekend as to what constitutes a persistent cough. This has been described as lasting half a day or more and unusual for your child. Some children can suffer from coughing in relation to asthma, but these coughs can last less than half a day and be relieved by asthma medication. If in doubt keep them off school and monitor the situation. Please then telephone the school to have a conversation with me before you consider sending them back to school.

As the situation is changing rapidly, I will continue to post messages here whenever I have any clear information or guidance to report.

Mr Thompson

Class 4 – Science Week Assembly

Some of the children in Class 4 shared with the school all of the exciting activities we have done this week for Science Week.

Miss Hyde

Recent Covid-19 Guidance

Please ensure you are following the most recent government guidance and isolate yourselves or children for 7 days if you or they have a new persistent cough or a high temperature (over 37.8C)

Mr Thompson

Class 4 Dog’s Trust Visit

Today, Alison from the Dog’s Trust Centre in Shrewsbury visited Bryn Offa to discuss how to be a responsible dog owner and how to stay safe around dogs. We decided to ask Alison to come in this week as dogs are one of the most varied species on the planet, which fits with this year’s Science Week theme of Our Diverse Planet.

Class 4 learnt that a Border Collie needs 4 hours worth of walks a day and a husky needs 5 hours. A greyhound needs short walks though because they don’t have as much stamina. We also discussed the best way to train a dog and games to keep your dog mentally active, such as the snuffle ball in the picture below.

We really enjoyed Alison’s talk and learnt lots of new information about dogs.

Miss Hyde

Class 4 and 5 visit the Heritage Area

On Monday morning, Class 4 and 5 visited the Heritage Area. Whilst there we did some pond dipping (some of the girls in Class 5 even found a newt), looked for evidence of different animals in the woodland areas and in the meadows. The children behaved exceptionally as always and once we returned to school we had some hot chocolate to warm up.

Miss Hyde and Mr Jones

Class 4 – World Book Day

Today, Class 4 finished their wanted poster for their dragon. The descriptions where incredible especially as this was an unaided write, which means they had no adult help! Five of the children read their descriptions aloud during our special World Book Day Assembly. This afternoon, they created a design for a book cover, this could be for their favourite book or a book they were the author of.

Class 4 World Book Day

Well done Class 4!

Miss Hyde

County Champions!

On Tuesday, our girls indoor athletics team travelled to Shrewsbury to represent North Shropshire in the School Games. They competed against the best teams from Telford, Shrewsbury, South Shropshire and East Shropshire. As you can see from the above picture, they returned to Pant victorious after putting in sensational performances all afternoon. well done girls, you should be incredibly proud of yourselves. What an amazing achievement.

Year 5 STEM Day at Marches

Today, all of the Year 5 children went to the Marches to complete different STEM activities. First, we had a science activity. We completed a chromatography investigation and used our observation skills. Next, we made and tasted our own pizza. After a quick break in the library, we made wind chimes from pieces of coloured plastic. This involved filing, heating and twisting our plastic. Finally, we had a go at a maths activity, where we completed a problem solving investigation involving pentominoes. The children had to make as many shapes as they could using 5 squares – there are only 12 combinations which don’t involve reflecting or rotating the shapes you have already created.

The staff were really impressed by the children’s prior knowledge, behaviour and manners. As always they were an absolute delight and the children really enjoyed the experience.

Miss Hyde