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Class 4’s blog post about Allison’s (from the Dogs Trust) visit to Bryn Offa

Last Thursday, Allison from the Dogs Trust visited our welcoming school. If you were wondering? Dogs Trust is a charity which looks after dogs who have no owner (have been abandoned), no collar or whose owner can no longer look after them.

First, Allison visited Class One and Two (Key Stage One, 4 – 7 years old). She taught them how to look after a dog. They were so good, she gave them all a sticker. Class Two told us that Allison was nice and enthusiastic. We were extremely excited to meet her.

Eventually, there was a whole school, special assembly, where Allison described how to look after dogs and how to react if a dog is scared. She flicked through a PowerPoint (assisted by Eva) and told us all about the amazing work Dogs Trust does. Allison also showed us some pictures of the Dogs Trust centre in Shrewsbury (it looked like a fancy, 5 star hotel).

Next, she went to Class 3, 4 and 5 and we had lessons about dogs’ senses. First of all, we had to answer some questions and after we found the right answer, we did a mini test. Emma did a taste test … she got the answer correct! It was raisins! Do you like raisins? Most of our class don’t.

Did you know? Raisins are poisonous to dogs!

Also, we had some fun activities on smell (which is their strongest sense) and they can smell better than humans.  Surprisingly, dogs’ sense of taste is worse than ours. However, dogs only eat food which smells good to them. Danny volunteered for an activity where he was blindfolded and had to listen to a sound. It was the clicking of a lead! Vincent had to guess which dog-related object he was holding – it was a dog seat-belt! Amelia used her sense of touch to discover she was holding a dog’s tag. The whole class enjoyed our hour with Allison.

The whole school had a great time with Allison and her enthusiastic, awe-inspiring smile. We learnt lots of facts about dogs:

  • Dog’s can hear the ticking of a clock from across the room. Consequently, their hearing is four time better than a humans.
  • Don’t and I mean DON’T! stroke a dog whilst it is eating or sleeping!
  • If dogs have more white in their eyes than normal, they are scared or worried.
  • If a strange dog comes running up to you and you feel frightened, put your arms in a X position – with your fingers tucked in – and look away so you are ignoring them. Putting your arms straight up in the air will encourage them to jump up at you.
  • Do not run away from a dog if you feel terrified because they will think it is a game and chase after you!
  • There are 4 steps to stroking a dog: ask the owner, ask the dog (by waiting for the dog to sniff you), ask the owner where the dog likes to be stroked and finally stroke the dog!
  • Only wash your dog twice a year using shampoo! Otherwise their fur will be damaged!
  • If dog’s are panting, don’t stroke them as they are trying to cool down.
  • Dog’s can see in the dark. This is because they have an extra layer of skin (reflective layer) around their eye. Humans do not have this so we cannot see in the pitch black, night sky!
  • You should walk your dog twice a day – dogs love going on a walk!
  • Mrs Prior’s dog is from the Dogs Trust centre at Shrewsbury.
  • Miss Harvey’s dog is partially trained as a medical alert dog.
  • Miss Hyde’s dog is a well-behaved rescue dog.

Emma doing a taste test

Vincent discovering dogs need a seatbelt

Amelia doing a touch test

George testing his sense of smell

Danny listening to the clicking of a lead

By Class 4’s Year 4s