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Class 4’s terrific trip to … Attingham Park – by Lottie Lee

Yesterday (Wednesday 22nd May), class 4 visited Attingham Park. As it’s part of a new topic – living things and their habitats. The teachers and volunteers who went were:
  • Miss Hughes,
  • Mr Bevan,
  • Mrs Morris,
  • Mrs Hyde and Miss Hyde.

We went by coach, or bus as some people like to call it, it was about 45 minutes long.

Later on, I discovered I was in Mr Bevan‘s group, which was fun! Mr Bevan suggested to do the tractor ride first. We shuffled to the lunch hall and put our bags down on the tables. Me and my friends chose the smallest table. Soon, we arrived back at the tractor site and mounted our tractor.
Immediately, the tractor started, the lady commented “stay seated at all times!” Off we went! Next, the tractor driver (Will) stopped at some deer and shared some information about the deer with us like when they are first born, they live near nettles because they can’t walk and it helps them stay safe. It was very interesting.
Swiftly, we jumped off the tractor and started a woodland walk. The instructor showed us this stuffed mole, which I did not touch! Next, we got to see some badger holes. I made a joke, saying a white rabbit is just going to grab us and take us like it did in Alice in Wonderland.

Now onto my favourite part, lunch! I had a really nice lunch. I have the following:

  • Sandwiches – cheese and ham ones;
  • Crisps – ready salted flavoured;
  • Fruit – an apple and a banana;
  • Some chocolate – two bars they were the smallest!

After that, we had a play outside of the mansion.

Oh was it big… It’s like it grew bigger and bigger! Then we had a picture. Pshing!
A few minutes later, we were at the pond dipping site. The pond was as big as… As… Anything indeed! The instructor told us to get into partners so I partnered up with Elsey-Mae. We found a transparent thing, a snail and an insect that looked like a stick.
I would recommend this trip for anybody but people who are eight and over because the toilets are quite far away from the house or should I say mansion. It is very good for families as well. My favourite part was… Everything! My friends liked the trip very much and the volunteers said we were “very good and knowledgeable!” We thanked them and said bye. Then jumped back on the coach and back to school we went.
Do you want to visit Attingham Park?