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Any parents or students who have any concerns or questions, please contact your class teacher directly using this email link. class4@brynoffa.shropshire.sch.uk

Wednesday 24th March – Stepping Out

Today, the Year 4 children practised crossing the road with Ray. We had a lovely time and everyone was impeccably behaved as always. In the pictures below, the children are showing the important steps we learnt: stop, look, listen and think!

Friday 19th March – Comic Relief

The children looked great today as they all came into school in there pyjamas or onesies! We definitely enjoyed being comfortable!

Friday 12th March

On Wednesday, I showed the class a jug of salt water and set them the challenge of separating the salt from the water. We discussed lots of options and eventually decided to place some of the salt water into an evaporating dish. We left the dishes on the window sill. By Friday, the water had evaporated and we were left with salt crystals.

Salt Crystals

Tuesday 9th March

Today, we took part in a whole school live science lesson! Everybody had a go at creating a citrus fruit volcano! You can have a go at home too. First of all we halved our lemon (or other citrus fruit). Then we added: some food colouring with a pipette, a blob of washing up liquid, a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda and then some extra lemon juice.

We learnt that the lemon juice is an acid and the bicarbonate of soda is a base. When they meet, they have a chemical reaction and carbon dioxide is formed (the bubbles). The washing up liquid makes the bubbles a bit bigger and the food colouring makes everything a bit more colourful and pretty. The oranges had a smaller reaction. We think this is because they are less acidic.

Monday 8th March

It has been so lovely to see all of you again today! We have already been busy practicing our handwriting, short multiplication and the first paragraph of our new Talk for Writing story ‘Zelda Claw’!

Miss Hyde 😊

To celebrate this year’s World Book Day, the staff of Bryn Offa have created their own version of ‘The Masked Reader!’ Take a look at the members of staff taking part and then watch the video – can you guess them all? The masks might give you a little clue as to who’s behind them. We will reveal the answers tomorrow!

Bryn Offa Masked Reader Video

The Masked Reader Revealed!

We hope you enjoyed guessing the names of the Bryn Offa staff reading ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt!’ Click the link below for the big reveal!

Christmas Poem

Follow the link below to watch Class 4’s brilliant performance of the poem, The Christmas Nativity.