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Problem of the Day

Good morning wonderful pupils of Class 5.  I hope that you are well.  It has been a really strange last seven days. 

Below is a link to the White Rose – Problem of the day.  This is updated each day with a new problem for both younger and older children.  Why not challenge your parents to see who can answer all the questions first?https://whiterosemaths.com/resources/classroom-resources/problems/

On the White Rose website, there is also a home learning tab.  This has loads of videos to show you how to complete some really challenging maths.  See if you can learn something new to teach to someone else in you house.

Finally, it’s really important to stay active.  Healthy body = healthy mind. Here is a link to Joe Wick’s daily workout on Youtube.  Why not start the day with a family aerobic session. 

  Hakuna Matata!