500 Words success for Imogen

Last term, Class 5 pupils entered the BBC Radio Two 500 words, story writing competition.  This is a national competition entered by hundreds of thousands of children each year.  This year one of our pupils has been shortlisted into the top 5000 stories…What a fantastic achievement.  The successful author is Imogen Wills.  Her story ‘The Empty Bowl’ can be read below.

The Empty Bowl

By Imogen Wills

That morning my human left my food bowl empty, so I decided that I would have to tell my human to feed me… I began clambering and scrambling up the mighty staircase that I had experienced my human carry me up many times before. As I reached the top a sense of victory and pride overwhelmed me. I had conquered the staircase without human assistance! I walked forward with a renewed sense of confident bubbling up inside me. I swiftly slid into the bedroom through the door that my human had left open. Using my agile legs I sprung onto the bedside and went to claim my space on my humans ignorant, sleeping face  Finally. my human woke up she didn’t seem to appreciate me being her furry alarm clock. But I needed to be fed. As she walked into the kitchen I was happy she was finally going to feed me but she didn’t. She walked past oblivious to the fact that my food bowl was empty.  That night, my human invited more humans into my territory, this was the perfect time to wreak havoc on the house and the inhabitants. I squeezed through the open window on the first floor and jumped onto the dew covered lawn. I let out a long pitiful meow and to my joy they came.

Sadly, our entrance plan had been foiled by the humans shutting the window. So we decided to beg for entrance, we began scratching the window and making pitiful meows. Finally, one of the humans came and opened the window. Granting access to the house. We lunged into the house crashing through the open window, knocking everything off the windowsill. Our first victim was the pitiful human who opened the window for us, we decided to make her one of us. When she emerged from underneath the kitty pile she , she now possessed whiskers After the humans had just seen a stampede of kittens come flowing into the house they were undoubtedly shocked, let alone the fact that they had seen their friend be turned from human to feline.

My human sprinted up into the dreaded bathroom dragging her ice cube companion across the floor We all knew the bathroom, was a place of pure evil. It was the watery depths of hell. But we were determined to conquer the humans. We charged into the bathroom and saw the humans in the shower. The satanic shower. Some of our troops fainted in panic but we were ready to fight, to take a stand against the humans, to serve them revenge for not serving us our food. We pounced, lunging through the water…Everything went black for the humans… The girl woke up, covered in cold sweat. She realised it was a dream and swung her legs out of bed and walked to the kitchen. Just to be greeted with the sight of an empty food bowl…

Science – Class 4

Yesterday in Class 4, we investigated separating mixtures. We separated raisins and flour using a sieve. This worked because the raisins are larger than the holes in the sieve. The rice and paper-clips were separated by a magnet, as paperclips are magnetic. We decided to put the salt and water into an evaporating dish and left it over night. He are some photos of the results:

The water evaporated and left us with the salt.

Miss Hyde

Textile Club

Before Easter, Textiles Club made some beautiful Easter bags. Miss Hughes and I are really impressed with the bags created by the children.

Miss Hyde

Monday Morning

The situation at school remains the same. We are open, but there will be no access to the school car park for parents as we need the space to turn the busses around. Will update if the situation changes.

Mr Thompson

Access to School on 29th April 2019

Update – Sunday 28th

With the current state of the roadworks outside school, it is looking likely that we will be able to open the school but with a few restrictions. We are unlikely to allow access to the car park for anything other than the school buses, so parents will need to use the car park of The Cross Guns, or make other arrangements. As the roadworks are extensive, it may be that other arrangements involve walking, car shares or even parking at the village hall and walking down.

We are expecting work to restart early tomorrow morning so please watch out for updates from 7:30am

Mr Thompson 

Class 2 – Easter nests Friday 12th April

This morning we have been busy making our Easter nests!

We were very excited to find golden eggs from Jack in the beanstalk in class the morning, so we’ve used them to decorate our nests!

Class 2 – Planting sunflowers Thursday 11th April

To finish our how does your garden grow, we followed and then wrote a set of instruction on how to plant a sunflower!

Class 2 – Capacity investigation Wednesday 10th April

Over the last two weeks Class 2 have been focusing on capacity in Maths.

We completed an investigation to find out which mug would mean Miss Jones had the biggest cup of tea!


A Special Visitor

On Thursday afternoon, we had a special visit from Mrs Prior’s daughter Grace and her friend Alison.

During the assembly, Grace shared with the children her experience as a volunteer for Mercy Ships. Grace spent three months in Guinea living on the ship which provides medical relief and free surgeries for people in Africa.

Miss Harvey

Chester Zoo

Class One enjoyed a fabulous trip to Chester Zoo.