Condover Visit

The Year 5s had a fantastic few days at Condover and behaved exceptionally well, as always. They challenged themselves to try new things, whether that was on the trapeze or staying away from home for the first time. I have added a selection of photos below but the children should be able to access all of the photos on the computers in school.

Miss Hyde

Children in Need 2019

Today we celebrated BBC Children in Need!

The children were asked to come in  in their sports kit or as their sporting hero!

This morning the whole school took part in the Children in Need Big Morning Move with Joe Wicks!

It was great fun!

Odd sock day – Class 2

On Monday afternoon Class 2 did an absolutely amazing job of delivering an whole school worship based on Anti Bullying week!

The children explained what bullying was and also showed an experiment we had completed in class.

We used two apples which looked exactly the same on the outside. To the first apple we only said kind things like ‘You’re so shiny’ or ‘You look strong’. When we cut it open the inside looked normal.

With the second apple, even though it was hard, we said some not very nice things like ‘You’re all squishy’ or ‘You’re too soft’. When we cut it open the inside looked hurt showing that even if things don’t show on the outside mean words or actions can hurt us on the inside.

Finally on Tuesday,  we encouraged everyone to take part in Odd sock day, to celebrate that everyone is different!

A big thank you to everyone who took part!

Team Rickshaw – Sunday 10th November

A big thank you to everyone who joined us to cheer on Team Rickshaw on Sunday afternoon!

The atmosphere was amazing and it was so lovely to see so many faces from school!

Year 5 Condover Visit

Evening All!

I have just checked my emails and realised that I have received one from the Year 5 pupils and staff from Condover.  It sounds like they are having an amazing time.

Everyone is having a great time at Condover and are well into their second morning activity, archery. Yesterday the children tackled different height challenges, either trapeze or zip wire. I am sure the children can’t wait to tell you all about the activities they have done.

We look forward to welcoming them back at school tomorrow afternoon.

Mr Jones


Class 1 is ready for Team Rickshaw,

passing through Pant on Sunday 10th November.

Class One Park Hall Visit

Class One enjoyed a fabulous day at Park Hall Farm, as part of our topic, ‘From Food to Fork’.

Author Visit

This afternoon, Class 3 and 4 were treated to a visit from the wonderful children’s author Harriet Whitehorn who travelled all the way from London to visit the children of Bryn Offa. Harriet talked to the pupils about ‘World Building,’ shared her ideas for her books and gave the pupils the opportunity to ask questions. 

Miss Harvey

Outdoor Learning – Class 2

This afternoon Class 2 have been exploring the forest school area and completing activities linked to our science topic.

Firstly we were looking at seasonal change and used colour catchers and Autumn checklists to find a range of signs of Autumn.

We also used animal cards to make our food chains


Exotic Zoo – Class 2

On Monday 21st October Class 2 visited Exotic zoo in Telford as part of our rainforest topic!

When we arrived we had time to freely explore the zoo and see the animals being fed.

After that we had a very exciting lesson in which we had the opportunity to met and hold (if we wanted to) a range of animals which live in the rainforest.

We met Gary and Little Gee who were Giant African Land Snails.

Jabba the Giant African Bullfrog

Rango the Chameleon

Sweet Pea the Boa Constrictor

Melon the Armadillo

After dinner we had another explore before getting the bus back to school

We all (adults included) had such an amazing day and all the children were brilliantly behaved, even our guide for the day said that they were one of the loveliest classes he had ever had!