Girls football 16th September

Yesterday the girls football team played amazingly well at a competition at Oswestry school.

The girls played three games (0-0, 3-0, 2-0) and topped our group!

Such an amazing team effort and a great start to the year! Well done girls!!!

Roald Dahl Day – Class 2

We had so much fun in Class 2 on Roald Dahl day! We read parts of lots of different Roald Dahl books, we learnt about Roald Dahl and wrote our own fact files, we even played Roald Dahl games in our P.E. session.

Look at our amazing costumes!

Class 4 – Roald Dahl Day

For Roald Dahl Day in Class 4, we created our own poems based on Mr Twit’s beard. We then shared our ideas and used them to create a class poem, which we shared in Achievement Assembly. The children performed really well, they all spoke with loud and proud voices. Well done, Class 4.

Mr Twit’s beard poem class version

Class 4 – Space model

On Friday, Class 4 used their research to make a model of Space using fruit.

Each planet was represented by the following:

  • Mercury = peppercorn
  • Venus = raspberry
  • Earth = cherry tomato
  • Mars = blueberry
  • Jupiter = watermelon
  • Saturn = grapefruit
  • Uranus = apple
  • Neptune = lime

We then discussed how we could improve our model. Some of the fantastic suggestions were to include the moons of the planets, draw their orbits and make sure our model is to scale.

Miss Hyde


Arthog Update

Just had a message from Mr Jones as the internet isn’t working there to update the website. 

They are all having a great time and all the Arthog staff are really impressed with them. They have already done climbing and  all did incredibly well, with gorge walking planned for today. They should be back at the planned time tomorrow but will update if there are any delays.

Mr Thompson

Welcome back!

Welcome back everyone!

We’re in for a busy half term! Below is a link to our term curriculum map which shows exactly what Class 2 will be getting up to.

Autumn term – Term curriculum map

Plenty to look forward to!

Miss Jones x


The Arthog visit left on time without a hitch this morning.

Mr Jones will try his very best to keep the website updated with messages and photos, but he is always at the mercy of using their internet and technology when he is there.

Mr Thompson


Frame Structures in Class 4

Today, Class 4 explored making some frame structures. We started by creating a 2D shape from spaghetti and marshmallows. We then used that shape as a face for our 3D shapes. After that, we made the tallest structure we could. As our structures got taller, we had to reinforce them with extra spaghetti.

After break, we used bamboo kebab sticks, paper straws and elastic bands to make a frame structure which could hold a weight. Will’s structure managed to hold a weight of  1700g! As we added more weight, we had to reinforce our structures and try to balance the weight in the middle of the structure.

Today’s activities allowed us to work as a team, as well as develop our resilience and perseverance. Tomorrow, we will design a frame structure for forest school for Class 1 and 2 to use.

Well done Class 4

Miss Hyde

Class 3 and 4’s St Agatha’s Church Visit

This morning, Class 3 and 4 enjoyed a fantastic morning at St Agatha’s Church, learning all about the different features of a church.

Thank you to Reverend Trimby and members of the parish for their support in making the visit a great success.


Class 1 and 2 – Golf Session

On Friday afternoon Class 1 and 2 went out onto the field to try their hands at golf!

They were lucky enough to all have a coaching session from Tom.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!