Class 2 – Safari Bears structure

Our final challenge for D&T was to design and create a hide for safari bear using only skewers, elastic bands and sellotape.

Here are each tables structure with their chosen names:

Safari bear’s cave – Purple table

The fun hide out – Yellow table

X21 – Green table

Safari Bear’s camouflage cosy raft tent – Pink table

Class 1 and 2 – Visit to church

Yesterday Class 1 and 2 both walked to Llanymynech church.

When we arrived Rev. Trimby had organised a role play baptism involving some of the children.

We also when on a hunt for some of the important symbols around the church and completed some sketches.

After we went to the Heritage Area for a picnic!

All the children were fantastic! Their behaviour was brilliant and they really enjoyed their visit!

A big thank you to all the volunteers who walked with us, to and from church.

Class 2 – Gymnastics coaching

On Wednesday afternoon we were lucky enough to have a visit from Chris, a gymnastics coach from Border Counties School of Gymnastics.

He taught us a range of different jumps, how to complete different balances, how to land safely when completing a jump and how to present.

Class 2 – Structures challenge

This week we started our new D&T project, which is based on structures.

As a starting point Miss Jones set a challenge to see which team could design and build the tallest structure, using marshmallows and spaghetti!

We had a look at some famous tall buildings before we started, and worked together as a team to design and build our structures!

Young Scientists Club – Week 3

This week, we placed skittles around the edge of our plate. When we added water, the water became colourful. This is an example of chromatography. We also tried to grow some jelly babies. We put 1 in water (which grew), 1 in salt water (which shrunk) and 1 in cola (which went like a jelly blob). We found out that the jelly baby in the sugary water grew the most. This was all down to osmosis.

Climbing and Caving in Year 3

On Monday 18th June, Year 3 had an amazing time climbing and caving around Llanymynech rock.

The children all challenged themselves despite the dreary weather and their behaviour was, as always, exceptional.

Well done Year 3.


Class Five – Enterprise Week

Class 5 have had a fantastic week running their stalls during break and lunchtime.  The children would like to thank all of the children and parents who have supported them throughout the week.  The grand total raised was £520.50, which is an amazing effort.  The children are looking forward to putting on a show to say thank you to all of the children in addition to their end of year trip when we will say goodbye to our current Year 6 pupils.  All of your support has been really appreciated.

Mr Jones

Class 2 – Science Investgation

This week Class 2 have been investigating which material will make the best hat for Safari Bear!

His hat at the moment lets the rain through, and he’s getting soaked in the current weather! We decided we needed to complete a science investigation to see which material would be best!

We tested each material to see how much water each one let through!

We poured 200ml of water onto each material,

The paper let through 190ml.

The fabric let through 90ml.

The plastic let through 0ml.

As a class we found out that the best material to make the hat from would be plastic as it is waterproof!

Class 2 – Handa’s surprise

In our final lesson on our topic story book, ‘Handa’s surprise’, we all got to taste some of the fruit from the book.

We all wrote descriptions and guessed each others fruits.

Here are some examples:

“It is very spiky and green. On the top there is long and spiky leaves. The outside feels lumpy, bumpy and  a bit hairy. The inside looks soft, gooey, wet and pale yellow. The inside smells likes apple and it is quite sour. It tastes sweet but a little sour.

Can you guess my fruit?

It’s a pineapple!”

by Fenn


“The outside looks smooth and colourful. It has yellow and red skin. The outside feels cold and soft. It has darkish orange and yellow inside. The inside looks sticky and smells like oranges. It tastes like out of date oranges.

Can you guess my fruit?

It’s a mango!”

by Beau


“The skin looks lumpy, bumpy and rough. The outside does look a little smooth. The outside feels strong and protective. The inside looks green and white with a massive light brown stone in the middle. The inside smells really tasty. It tastes sweet and dull.

Can you guess my fruit?

It’s an avacado”

by Hector


“The outside is very squishy and soft. It is very round like a stone. It has smooth skin. It has a very round base because it is juicy. The outside feels bumpy, lumpy and weird. The inside looks delicious, scrumptious and sweet because it has sweet juice inside. The seeds look yummy. It smells sweet and a little sour. The inside tastes sour because the juice makes it very sour.

Can you guess my fruit?

It’s a passion fruit!”

by Jack

Class 2 – Animal silhouettes

This morning we used our animal pattern prints to create animal silhouettes. Our animals were elephants, giraffes, leopards and zebras!