Class 1 – Forest School

We had a lovely time making and eating Scotch Pancakes at Forest School.

Class 2 – The Holi festival!

This morning we learnt all about the Hindu festival of Holi!

We held our own celebration involving lots of powder paint!

We had a fab time! Thank you to all parents for sending in spare clothes!

KS2 Girls Football Tournament

The KS2 girls football team visited the Marches for a tournament on Wednesday afternoon.

We started off with the group stages where the girl drew two games and won one. The girls finished second in the group.

We’re still waiting to hear where the girls came over all but the girls didn’t loose a single game and played fantastically!

Well done girls!

Red Nose Day – Class 1

Famous Artists – Class 1

We have been inspired by the artwork of Guiseppe Arcimboldo, Wassily Kandinsky and Georgia O’Keefe.  We have produced some fantastic works of art.

British Science Week – Class 1

Class 1 have been hunting for mini-beasts around the school site and creating habitats for them.

Red Nose Day – Class 2

We’ve had a great Red Nose Day!

We learn’t a little bit about Comic Relief and designed our own red noses.

Here’s what a couple of children wrote about the day:

“Red nose day is a charity day when people give other people clothes and food so that they have a better life” – Beau

“On Red Nose Day it raises money for people in need” – Lacey

Condover Trip

After school yesterday, I showed the current Year 4’s and their parents this video about Condover.

If you have any questions about the Condover residential, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss Hyde

British Science Week – Class 4 and 5

Today in Class 4 and yesterday in Class 5, we looked at the causes of pollution in the UK. We had 2 samples of water: A was from a pond in the countryside and B was from a puddle near a main road. Everyone practiced using a pipette to add the reagent to each sample. Sample B turned black/brown because the reagent reacted with the pollutant.

The children enjoyed using the scientific equipment.

Miss Hyde

Science and Cooking in Class 3

Class 3 have had an action packed day of cooking and Science.

We split into two groups for the afternoon and while one group made and tasted their own pasta dishes, the other group investigated mini-beasts using magnifying glasses before we swapped. We also all made our own paper aeroplane to investigate the effects of air resistance.

A fantastic day Class 3.