Visit to the Heritage area! – 30th January

I am so sorry about such muddy clothes coming home BUT we did have an amazing day!

We started off on a winter hunt – perfect timing as it was still snowing!

During our morning break we had our fruit snack and completed role play activities about Percy the Park Keeper!

After break we ready the story ‘The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse’ by the fire, before going on a countryside walk noting all the things that make Pipin the Country Mouses’ home!

Just before lunch we tip toed through the fairy wood!

After a quick refuel for lunch in the lovely warm stables we went on a long explore looking for plants which grow in the winter. We found lots of greenery but not many flowers!

Our final treat was hot chocolate and biscuits just before setting off back to school!

Thank you so so much for sending the children in wrapped up and ready for action – we all had a fantastic day and will sleep well tonight!

And thank you to Mrs Overend, Mrs Taaffe, Mrs Owen and Mrs Jones for all your help!


Miss Jones x

Bryn Offa – Athletics Champions

Bryn Offa’s athletes produce a sensational display in the final round of the Sportshall Athletics competition held at The Marches school on Tuesday evening.  The efforts of the children secured the trophy for the second year in succession, holding off the challenge from 10 other teams.  What a fantastic achievement!  We now progress to represent the Oswestry area in the second round of the competition.

Well done to all of the team, and a huge thank you to all of the parents for supporting and transporting the team.

Monday 21st January – Maths

Today we have been practising finding doubles mentally and using concrete objects!

We also learn’t a helpful doubling song to help us practise:

“Have you seen my doubling machine? This is how it goes, you put a number in your ear, and the double will appear, when you press your nose, like…”

Ask your children to sing it and have a practise of doubling at home!

Bird of Prey Visit

Here are some further picture form the Birds of Prey  visit held last week.  All of the children found out some amazing facts about these stunning animals.


Indoor Athletics

Last Thursday saw the second session of the indoor athletics competition.  Good news! Bryn Offa have moved up into first place.  The current standings can be seen below.  It will be a very tense and highly competitive final session on Tuesday evening.

Bryn Offa – 63, Woodside 71, Oswestry School, 104, Morda 131, Ellesmere 133, Meadows 135, Trefonen 137, Whittington 148, Selattyn 195 and Welshampton 203.

Rob and James seem pleased with the current standings.

Bird of Prey Visit – 16th January

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Mike from the Welsh Bird of Prey Centre in Pembrokeshire.

We found out lots of information about the birds and some of us even got to hold the tawny owl!

Class 5 Debates

This week Class 5 will be debating a number of topics in class.  These include:

  • School uniform should be banned for Year 6 pupils;
  • Children should take part in one hour of P.E daily;
  • Packed lunches should be banned at Bryn Offa;
  • Children in Class 5 should have one hour of homework daily;
  • Children in Key stage 2 should have an afternoon break.

Keep posted for the results of the motions on Friday.

Indoor Athletics

Last Thursday, Bryn Offa took part in the first round of the indoor athletics competition.  All of the children performed amazingly well, including some very exciting relay finishes.  Pictured above are the team along with two former pupils who came to offer their support.

Current scores are as follows. (Lower the score – The better!)

Woodside – 29

Bryn Offa – 34

Oswestry School – 46

Ellesmere – 67

Meadows – 68

Whittington – 70

Trefonen – 71

Morda – 74

Selattyn – 88

Welshampton – 107

Gymnastics – Friday 11th January

In Class 2 we have been practising our body shapes including front support, back support, arch, dish, star, tuck, straight, straddle and pike.

3rd December – Our visit to Blue Planet Aquarium!

We had the most amazing day at Blue Planet Aquarium!

We started the day with a classroom session where we learnt all about sea creatures – did you know that sand tiger sharks have around 350 teeth!! The session finished with us meeting a starfish – we were allowed to touch it as long as we were gentle.

Next we went to a divers show! We learnt how to communicate with the divers through the glass before they fed the sting rays and fish!

We headed through the under water tunnel and had scary sharks and huge sting rays swimming over the top of us!

After a quick break for dinner we explored the rest of the aquarium looking at all the exhibits before heading back to school.