Free Online Reading Books

I am sure many of you are coming to the end of your school reading books, so I have included below a link to a fantastic online resources which has thousands of online books available to read. You can choose the genre you would like to read and also check that it is age appropriate. There are great links to books on Animals, Science, Maths and a huge range of fiction books. It really is worth a look. The more you read, the more you are going to learn. Enjoy!

Miss Harvey

Important Message

Sorry it has taken so long, but setting up the ability to send emails out to the whole school has been bizarrely difficult. I’ve sent the important email to the email we have for you on the school money system, so if this is not correct you may need to let me know. I’m getting undeliverable messages already so there must be some not correct.

I’ll reproduce the letter on the main page for those of you who don’t receive it.

Hopefully I have not made any mistakes. You should ONLY see your email address and not anyone not the email address of any other parent.

This will help communication between us all, but I don’t want to use this too often at the moment in case I make a mistake.

Mr Thompson

Class 5 Homepage

Check out the new Class 5 Homepage using the tabs at the top of the screen.
All of the messages and future learning will be posted in this area from now on.

Class 3 Homepage

Good Afternoon Class 3,

Please check out our new Class 3 Homepage on the top toolbar😃

Class 2 Home page

Hi Class 2,

Please see our brand new Class 2 homepage for an update!

Miss Jones x

Class 4 Home Learning Update

Hi Class 4,

Hope you are all well and managed to spend time in the garden today with the lovely sunshine. I am sure the home learning packs are keeping you busy but I wanted to share with you some other resources and ideas as well. It’s a really good idea to create a timetable for your weekdays, if possible.

Sometimes it’s just nice to listen to somebody else read to you. The link below should take you to David Walliams’ site where he reads a free audio story from ‘The World’s Worst Children’ – the story changes each day.

For English, I think it would be a great idea to keep a diary. You may feel like you have nothing to write about but you are all living in history right now. The following link: should take you to a lovely short film and free activity pack. You are free to pick and choose the activities you would like to complete from the pack. Why not show off to your parents and write the dialogue for the video? After all, you are fantastic at the Hand of Speech!

As Mr Jones has already shared, White Rose are providing Home Learning activities and videos for maths. Here are the links, this week’s objectives are all ones we have already completed in School so hopefully you can get off to a confident start. I have also released all of the decimal activities on My Maths as well, ignore the due dates – I just have to choose one in order to set the tasks.

Joe Wicks is doing a PE session each weekday. There are also some lovely yoga videos on YouTube too, if you fancy a different activity. Go Noodle is another good resource for mindfulness and physical activity breaks – it is free to sign up for. I’m sure you can’t wait to show your parents the ‘Take a Breath’ video!

Why not create a rainbow, as a symbol of hope, for your window. They really do brighten up your daily walk – I know the ones I have seen brought a smile to my face.

Finally, a spot of science. This term we have been focusing on forces. Why not create a ramp in your garden and time how long it takes a toy car to roll down it? Can you slow the time this takes down by changing the material on the ramp? Some materials will produce more friction than others.

You could also investigate ‘How to make the best parachute?’ There’s lots of ideas to help you with this online. The greater the air resistance, the slower your parachute will fall. Can you remember the other force that will be acting on your parachute?

I am sure all of these activities will keep you busy for a while. Remember even though Miss Hughes and I are not seeing you at the moment, we still care about each and everyone of you and are proud of your achievements. We are here if you need us. Keep up the hard work!

Miss Hyde

Hub Schools

I have deleted the previous post on hub schools to improve the accuracy of the information I am giving.

The nearest Hub School is Whittington Primary School, but I would ask you not to contact them directly. If you need a place in this hub please contact me directly on my email address

When I receive your email I’ll email a form to you to collect the relevant information. I apologise if this is some of the same information you gave to me previously on our paper forms, but these are at school and not possible to retrieve.

Even before you get the form back there is another piece of information I may need more urgently. If you think you may need transport provided by the local authority if you received a place at the hub school please contact me as soon as possible.

Mr Thompson

My Maths

Good Morning wonderful members of Class 5.

I hope that you are all well and looking after your families, and keeping them entertained. Yesterday, I set my family a blindfold drawing challenge. They could draw anything they liked, the only rule was they had to be blindfolded! Then they had to send the picture to me on our group chat by 5pm. Why not do the same with any friends you have? Some of the pictures I was sent were truly awful but it gave us all a giggle.
I’ve put plenty of ratio homework on My Maths. These should be completed after looking at the white Rose home learning lessons. Don’t worry about the deadlines on these. Just have a go when you get the chance.

Speak soon guys.

Mr Jones

White Rose Maths Home Learning

Good Morning

The link below takes you to the home learning link of the White Rose maths site. This is the scheme of work that we use at Bryn Offa.

From this link, you will be able to access a video demonstration of the topic currently being covered by your child, a question sheet to check their understanding and (most importantly) the answer sheet.

This section of the site is updated daily. There are a few lessons already on there. Hopefully, this will be your daily maths session all sorted.

Best wishes, keep looking after each other.

Mr Jones

Class 3 – Week 1 – Day 3 and 4

Good Morning Class 3

 In addition to your daily reading, TT Rock Stars and My Maths work, try to do some exercise every day to keep your body and mind active.

I am proud of you all; work hard, help out with chores and I will be posting work regularly to keep you busy.