Class 3 – Week 1 – Day 3 and 4

Good Morning Class 3

 In addition to your daily reading, TT Rock Stars and My Maths work, try to do some exercise every day to keep your body and mind active.

I am proud of you all; work hard, help out with chores and I will be posting work regularly to keep you busy.

A New Day – A New Plan

After the difficult decision to close the school yesterday it became necessary for a new plan. The best plans are always made when all the information is know and time allowed to consider every possibility.

The first step of my new plan is to begin by setting up the lines of communication. My aim today is to attempt to contact the company we use for school meal payments. If we upgrade our agreement with them it will allow me to send out messages to all parents much longer than the tiny limit we currently have. The emphasis here is all parents.

If I can get the new messaging system set up it will allow me to communicate with parents and hopefully the current email system will allow all parents to communicate with me. I say hopefully, because I can’t assume all parents have access to email as some may only use text messaging on their phones or applications on phones such as ‘Telegram’ or ‘WhatsApp’. I’m sure this will be just a technical problem to overcome.

For the time being, please only use my email address to communicate with school and not the admin account. My email address is:

I will monitor this address during school hours only.

Once I’ve been able to set up the lines of communication we can start planning our next steps. There is little point in me setting up systems that don’t cover 100% of our children and parents.

Please bear with us during this time as it is important to make sure Step One is complete before moving onto the next stage.

As I would like all parents to see this message and not just the ones checking the blog daily, please tell as many parents as you can to come and read it, but please only do so safely.

Things may look a little hopeless for some in the short term, but I am very optimistic about things in the medium and long term. My optimism comes from our starting point of having the best staff, the best children and best parents from any school I’ve ever seen. At Bryn Offa we often lead the way, but perhaps don’t always shout about it.

Mr Thompson

School Closed

It is with enormous regret that I will be closing Bryn Offa CE Primary School until further notice.

After recent changes in the recommendations by the World Health Organisation, I am not confident that I can provide a safe environment for my staff to work in.This is simply not a risk I can ignore.

The local authority has been informed, and if you need provision for your children you must contact the LA for them to make arrangements. Further details will follow asap.

I really did try my very best to make this work, but it was simply a risk too far.

Mr Thompson

Problem of the Day

Good morning wonderful pupils of Class 5.  I hope that you are well.  It has been a really strange last seven days. 

Below is a link to the White Rose – Problem of the day.  This is updated each day with a new problem for both younger and older children.  Why not challenge your parents to see who can answer all the questions first?

On the White Rose website, there is also a home learning tab.  This has loads of videos to show you how to complete some really challenging maths.  See if you can learn something new to teach to someone else in you house.

Finally, it’s really important to stay active.  Healthy body = healthy mind. Here is a link to Joe Wick’s daily workout on Youtube.  Why not start the day with a family aerobic session. 

  Hakuna Matata!


Class 3 Home Learning Week 1 Day 1-2

 In addition to your daily reading, TT Rock Stars and My Maths work, try to do some exercise every day to keep your body and mind active.

I am proud of you all; work hard, help out with chores and I will be posting work regularly to keep you busy.

Class 4 – Cards for Brook House

Yesterday, Class 4 made cards for the residents and staff at Brook House and Chirk Court to hopefully cheer them up. This shows how kind and caring the children at Bryn Offa are and how they care about their local and wider community.

Well done Class 4!

Miss Hyde

Home Learning Packs

On Tuesday evening, the teaching staff made the decision to start creating home learning packs in the event of a school closure. These packs have been sent home with the children yesterday and today. When the school closes, please have a look through the material and encourage your child to complete the activities. The majority of the tasks are revision based and therefore recapping existing learning. If your child is currently absent from school, these packs will be delivered at the soonest opportunity.

In addition to these packs, My Maths homework will be updated regularly by the teaching staff and there is some additional material for each year group that can be accessed using the web links below.

In order to access the additional Twinkle Packs, you will need to follow the steps below. This company have allowed all parents a free months pass in order to support the learning of each child during these testing times.

Many thanks for your support.

Mr Jones

How do I sign up for the free month?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the code you have received, or CVDTWINKLHELPS if you have not yet been given a code

Step 3: Share the offer code and website link with anyone who could benefit

Class 2 – Washing your hands investigation

A couple of weeks ago Class 2 began an investigations to find out why it is so important to wash your hands.

We used three pieces of bread. The first piece we all touched after being out on the playground at playtime (without washing our hands). The second piece we all touched after a normal classroom lesson (without washing our hands). The final piece of bread we all touched after washing our hands with soap and using hand sanitiser.

Once we had touched all three we put them in separate zip lock bags and hung them in the same place in the corridor so that the other classes could also watch what happens. Today after two weeks we wrote our conclusions.

This was the first piece of bread we touched after being on the playground!
This is the piece we touched after a lesson.
This piece of bread we touched after washing and sanitising our hands.

“We found out that germs will make mould on bread because there is thousands of germs on the bread. The first piece of bread was after playtime and had the most germs on it. The second piece was after a lesson. It had the second most germs on it. The last piece of bread was after cleaning our hands and it was spotless! We should wash our hands because it gets rid of 99.9 percent of germs!”

Ollie Taffee

“We found out that when we put germs on bread it makes mould. You should wash your hands to get rid of germs”

Zachary Morgan

“The germs made the mould which is the green stuff on the bread. We should wash our hands so we don’t get poorly. We should wash our hands to kill most of the germs, It was really fun”

Beau McArdle

“We found out that the more germs you get the more bits of mould there is. Germs can make you poorly. Some germs can be good for you and some are bad. Germs make mould. The whole investigation was about why we wash our hands. We wash our hands so that we don’t get poorly”

Esme Jones

Covid-19 Update

15th March 2020 16:19

At the time of this update we are open as normal tomorrow. If your child is unwell and not able to attend school tomorrow please telephone school to let us know.

The guidance from the government remains the same, anyone with a new and persistent cough or a temperature above 37.8C should self isolate for a period of 7 days but this does not extend to the whole family.

The temperature guidance is very clear to follow, but there have been debates over the weekend as to what constitutes a persistent cough. This has been described as lasting half a day or more and unusual for your child. Some children can suffer from coughing in relation to asthma, but these coughs can last less than half a day and be relieved by asthma medication. If in doubt keep them off school and monitor the situation. Please then telephone the school to have a conversation with me before you consider sending them back to school.

As the situation is changing rapidly, I will continue to post messages here whenever I have any clear information or guidance to report.

Mr Thompson

Class 4 – Science Week Assembly

Some of the children in Class 4 shared with the school all of the exciting activities we have done this week for Science Week.

Miss Hyde