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A New Day – A New Plan

After the difficult decision to close the school yesterday it became necessary for a new plan. The best plans are always made when all the information is know and time allowed to consider every possibility.

The first step of my new plan is to begin by setting up the lines of communication. My aim today is to attempt to contact the company we use for school meal payments. If we upgrade our agreement with them it will allow me to send out messages to all parents much longer than the tiny limit we currently have. The emphasis here is all parents.

If I can get the new messaging system set up it will allow me to communicate with parents and hopefully the current email system will allow all parents to communicate with me. I say hopefully, because I can’t assume all parents have access to email as some may only use text messaging on their phones or applications on phones such as ‘Telegram’ or ‘WhatsApp’. I’m sure this will be just a technical problem to overcome.

For the time being, please only use my email address to communicate with school and not the admin account. My email address is:


I will monitor this address during school hours only.

Once I’ve been able to set up the lines of communication we can start planning our next steps. There is little point in me setting up systems that don’t cover 100% of our children and parents.

Please bear with us during this time as it is important to make sure Step One is complete before moving onto the next stage.

As I would like all parents to see this message and not just the ones checking the blog daily, please tell as many parents as you can to come and read it, but please only do so safely.

Things may look a little hopeless for some in the short term, but I am very optimistic about things in the medium and long term. My optimism comes from our starting point of having the best staff, the best children and best parents from any school I’ve ever seen. At Bryn Offa we often lead the way, but perhaps don’t always shout about it.

Mr Thompson