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Bird of Prey Visit – 16th January

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Mike from the Welsh Bird of Prey Centre in Pembrokeshire.

We found out lots of information about the birds and some of us even got to hold the tawny owl!

Class 5 Debates

This week Class 5 will be debating a number of topics in class.  These include:

  • School uniform should be banned for Year 6 pupils;
  • Children should take part in one hour of P.E daily;
  • Packed lunches should be banned at Bryn Offa;
  • Children in Class 5 should have one hour of homework daily;
  • Children in Key stage 2 should have an afternoon break.

Keep posted for the results of the motions on Friday.

Indoor Athletics

Last Thursday, Bryn Offa took part in the first round of the indoor athletics competition.  All of the children performed amazingly well, including some very exciting relay finishes.  Pictured above are the team along with two former pupils who came to offer their support.

Current scores are as follows. (Lower the score – The better!)

Woodside – 29

Bryn Offa – 34

Oswestry School – 46

Ellesmere – 67

Meadows – 68

Whittington – 70

Trefonen – 71

Morda – 74

Selattyn – 88

Welshampton – 107

Gymnastics – Friday 11th January

In Class 2 we have been practising our body shapes including front support, back support, arch, dish, star, tuck, straight, straddle and pike.

3rd December – Our visit to Blue Planet Aquarium!

We had the most amazing day at Blue Planet Aquarium!

We started the day with a classroom session where we learnt all about sea creatures – did you know that sand tiger sharks have around 350 teeth!! The session finished with us meeting a starfish – we were allowed to touch it as long as we were gentle.

Next we went to a divers show! We learnt how to communicate with the divers through the glass before they fed the sting rays and fish!

We headed through the under water tunnel and had scary sharks and huge sting rays swimming over the top of us!

After a quick break for dinner we explored the rest of the aquarium looking at all the exhibits before heading back to school.

Diwali – Wednesday 7th November

This afternoon we found out why and how people celebrate Diwali, the festival of light.

We made our own rangoli and henna patterns, tried on a saree, made our own diva lamps and tried some of the celebratory food.

Outdoor learning – Monday 5th November

This afternoon we headed outside to get creative with autumn leaves!

We started with bonfire safety making our own fireworks with the leaves which appeared on our safety posters,

We then took some fantastic photos and has lots of fun using the autumn leaves as confetti 🙂

Outdoor learning – 1st October 2018

We’ve been looking at the changes that take place during the seasons! On Monday afternoon we went on an autumn hunt followed by a colour hunt!

We couldn’t believe how many different colours we found in the forest school area and on the field!


Arthog 2018

All the Year 6 children are now fully back into the swing of the new academic year.  It started in the best possible way, with a visit to Arthog.  All of the children had a great time on each of the activities, working as a team and preparing themselves for the challenges that lie ahead.  All of the staff who accompanied them from school and the Arthog instructors were incredibly impressed with not only their behaviour but also the way in which they supported each other throughout the week.  Please see the photos below.  A great time was had by all.











Welcome to Class 4 Presentation

Here is the PowerPoint used in the parent meeting today.


Miss Hyde

Meeting the Parents – Class 4