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World Book Day 2024

Whole School World Book Day Story!

Each class had the challenge of adding their part to our whole school story on World Book Day this week. Each Teacher bought in an object which had to be included in the story.

The story started in Class 1, it travelled through the school and was concluded in Class 5.


Once upon a time there was a sloth called Bob who was sleeping on the branch of a pineapple tree. There were lots of other sloths but they were very mean except Bob.

Suddenly Bob got woke up with a big growl! Bob was very scared he started to shake all over and scream HELP!!! Bob jumped up and started to slowly run away to try and find a bigger tree! As Bob was looking for another tree he spotted a wolf in the distance. All of a sudden the wolf started to chase Bob! Luckily Bob found a new friend called Jim who was a magical unicorn. Please help me said Bob and before the wolf could catch him, Jim the unicorn said ABRACADABRA! Next Bob and Jim disappeared in a puff of glitter!

They arrived in … sunny, dusty Mexico. They soon realised they were in the middle of a parade for Festival de Mexico!! Bob and Jim were amazed by the bright, vibrant colours that they saw all around them. There were people dancing and shouting wearing the most incredible, colourful skirts and gigantic, straw sombreros. They just couldn’t help it … they had to start dancing!! Jim, the magical unicorn, used his magic powers to give them tambourines and sombreros. They kept dancing all through the day until sun set over the city. They were shocked by a loud, crackling bang. Bob started to shiver with fear but Jim pointed to the sky where they saw beautiful, colourful fireworks.

But then Bob spotted something else making a loud bang…..

Before they knew it, Bob and Jim found themselves in … cold, green Ireland. In the distance, they could hear a magical, beautiful sound. Jim and Bob couldn’t help themselves they ran towards the music. It took them through a wet, damp and mossy forest with trees as tall as skyscrapers. Suddenly, they saw a leprechaun playing a bouzouki, which was a small, wooden string instrument. She said, “My name is Ruby and I can send you to a magical place of your dreams.”

“I want to go to candy land please!” whispered Bob.

“I want to go to Wonderland though where Alice lives,” shouted Jim.

Ruby snapped her little, elf-like fingers and …

Jim and Bob transported to the gates of gloomy, abandoned, eerie castle.  Both Jim and Bob stood, frozen to the spot. Totally petrified, like they were in the midst of hell!  A dull light appeared through the window of the castle before disappearing again.

“This doesn’t look like Candyland to me!” whimpered Bob. 

“Yo, let’s go and check out what that light was dude!” replied Jim the unicorn.

They walked up to the drawbridge and crossed the foul smelling moat.

“There it is again!” shrieked Jim.  They both sprinted up the spiral staircase and into the top bedroom.  There, lying on the bed, was a strange, yellow torch. As Jim picked up the torch, the door slammed shut and they realised that they were trapped. 

“Help!” yelled Bob.  We will never get out of this he thought!

As if Jim had read his mind, He replied, “Oh yes we will,” and he whispered the magic word. Abracadabra.  When Jim and Bob next opened their eyes, they were……

Well, where exactly were they?! Their senses went into overload; the smells, the sights, the sounds were like nothing they had experience before.  “Wow! What is this place?!” asked Bob, his eyes bulging and his mouth gaping open. They were stood outside a grand, extravagant building. Jim squints in the brightness and peers to the left of the brightly coloured door. “WONKA’S CHOCOLATE FACTORY” said the glowing sign that appeared to be made out of chocolate sprinkled with little multi-coloured sweets. An amazing drawbridge made a loud thump in front of them making them jump out of their skin. Suddenly, an army of short, orange men marched towards them with a magnificent chocolate egg in each hand. Beyond the drawbridge was even more chocolate: a chocolate waterfall and a sugar cane boat. Bob and Jim clambered into the boat in total awe and as it moved forward towards the chocolate waterfall, everything became blurry and hazy until they both woke up from the most amazing dream ever! What an extraordinary adventure!