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Any parents or students who have any concerns or questions, please contact your class teacher directly using this email link . class5@brynoffa.shropshire.sch.uk

Newsflash: Year 6 parents/carers and pupils.

Yesterday, it was confirmed that there will be no Year 6 SATs assessments in May.  This is really pleasing news as it decreases the pressure of covering a whole year’s work before the May deadline. It will also allow us additional time to ensure that your child is thoroughly prepared for their transition to secondary education.  The SATs test will be replaced by some form of teacher assessment and therefore it is really important to keep working as hard as possible, just like you have done already. 

Best wishes and stay safe,

Mr Jones

Welcome to Class 5

Our Class Motto

Class 5 Balloon powered Car Project

Class 5 pupils homework this week is to start to think about designing a balloon powered car. Below you will find several links to help you come up with some ideas. Next week we will look to start drawing your design. I wonder who’s car will travel the furthest?

Good Luck!

Fruit Volcanoes

Follow the link below to see our trailer for the Class 5 fruit volcanoes experiment. The children had great fun mixing bicarbonate of soda with the citric acid found in the fruit. The results were amazing.

Remote learning.

Good morning wonderful pupils of Bryn Offa, please find below today’s remote learning.  Remember that you will need to watch a video for most of these lessons and using a pen or pencil, a piece of paper and your brain then complete the activities.  Once you have finished your learning for the day, ask your parent/guardian to take a photo of your hard work and email it to me using the class email (class5@brynoffa.shropshire.sch.uk) That way, I will be able to have a read through and tell you what I liked with your work and what could be improved for next time.  I will be making a note of how much of your home learning you complete so please try your hardest each day as I love seeing how you are getting on.  If you are struggling to complete any of the activities or need any further support, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Stay safe everyone,

Mr Jones

First News – The Child Friendly Newspaper

Follow the link below for First News.

The password is FNLOCKDOWN3


Tech Free Tasks

In the file below, you will discover some tasks which will give you a well deserved rest from your screen. Why not switch an afternoon lesson for one of these tasks?

The Masked Reader Revealed!

We hope you enjoyed guessing the names of the Bryn Offa staff reading ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt!’ Click the link below for the big reveal!

To celebrate this year’s World Book Day, the staff of Bryn Offa have created their own version of ‘The Masked Reader!’ Take a look at the members of staff taking part and then watch the video – can you guess them all? The masks might give you a little clue as to who’s behind them. We will reveal the answers tomorrow!

Bryn Offa Masked Reader Video

20 Dr. Seuss Quotes about Reading | Imagine Forest

This Thursday (4th March), Bryn Offa will join millions of children around the World celebrate World Book Day. There will be lots of live events throughout the week you can choose to take part in, including a ‘Bryn Offa Masked Reader’ activity on Thursday, where you can watch the disguised Bryn Offa staff read a page from ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt,’ and try to guess who’s behind the mask – the masks might give you a little clue as to who’s behind them! There is also a ‘Bryn Offa Design a Potato Book Character’ competition – check out the powerpoint below for more details. Different activities will be posted on your homepage throughout the week along with your daily Home Learning, but below is a few links and suggestions to get you started. Have fun!

Click on the powerpoint below for more information!
Follow the link below to register for any events you would like to take part in:


Click here to take you to the ‘World Book Day’ website with links to lots of great activities: https://www.worldbookday.com/news-press/events/

Remote Learning – Friday 5th March

Welcome to the final day of remote learning wonderful pupils of Class 5. All of you have done incredibly well over the last 8 weeks. That’s an amazing 160 lessons of learning. I can’t wait to see you all on Monday. I am sure that we will have an incredibly exciting Summer term ahead, full of laughter and learning.

See you on Monday – Superstars!

To write a persuasive letter

In this lesson, Mr Brown will model to you the process of writing a persuasive letter.  I would then like you to write your very own letter.  This will be the end of the unit, and we will be free to start our new unit of learning on Monday when we are all back into class! Hooray!

The first link wasn’t working properly, so I have just updated it and it should be ok now. Apologies.


Maths – Area of a Triangle (3)

In this lesson we will continue to learn how to calculate the area of a triangle.

PSHE – Pearly Whites

Do you have a million dollar smile? Would you like one? To begin the lesson, we will be exploring the term million dollar smile and define what this term means. Thereafter, we will visit the dentist who will speak to us about the importance of looking after your teeth and how it plays a role in having a million dollar smile. We will then learn about how to brush our teeth using the correct toothbrush before writing a set of instructions on how to create a million dollar smile!


FrenchCounting to 12 and saying your age

In this lesson, we will recap our phonics sounds and greetings from the previous lesson. Then we will learn numbers 1-12 in French and practise those by counting objects. Finally we will learn how to say our age in French.


Remote Learning – Thursday 4th March

Remember to have a look at the Masked Reader Competition above!

To develop an understanding of how to use formal conjunctions

In preparation for writing our persuasive letter, we will practise using our plans and writing sentences using formal conjunctions.


Maths – Area of a Triangle (2)

In this lesson we will continue to learn how to calculate the area of a triangle.

P.E – HIIT workout for children

This is a great aerobic routine for the whole family.  It will certainly get your heart pumping!

R.E – How do Muslims express their faith?

In this lesson, we will look at some of the different ways in which Muslims express their faith.


Assembly -Rev Trimby

The Marches World Book Day Quiz

Why not have a go at this World Book Day Quiz sent to us from the Marches. Can you guess the famous faces?

Remote Learning – Wednesday 3rd March

Literacy – To practise and apply knowledge suffixes -ant and -ent, including a test

In this lesson, we will apply and practise the spelling rules and patterns investigated in the last lesson, explore a new spelling practice strategy, and complete a spelling test.


Maths – Area of a Triangle

In this lesson we will learn the correct formulae in order to calculate the area of a triangle.

Science – What makes something a mixture?

In this lesson, we will learn what makes a substance a mixture. We will also learn how to identify mixtures and the benefits of using an alloy over a pure metal.


History – The Victorians

Follow the links below to discover all about the Victorians.  Once you have completed your research, create your top 10 facts.  This topic will lead us into our new class text called ‘Street Child’.





Remote Learning – Tuesday 2nd March  

Literacy – To plan a persuasive letter

In this lesson, we will begin the process of planning to write a persuasive letter. You will be taught how to use a new planning structure for making persuasive points.


P.E – Dance with Oti

We completed one of these dances a few weeks ago.  I was so impressed with your moves that I thought we could learn another dance.  This time we will be busting some moves to everyone’s favourite movie track……Frozen!

Music – Body percussion basics

In this lesson, we will be getting to know the basics of body percussion.


Remote Learning – Monday 1st March

Good morning Class 5 superstars. It’s the last Monday before we are all together again in the class and I can’t wait. There are loads of exciting activities to have a look at this week.

In addition to your daily learning, you can have a look at the world book day activities in the yellow section above. There is a live event each day which you can register for. Simply follow the instructions.

Keep an eye out for the Bryn Offa ‘Masked Reader’ on Thursday. Can you guess which member of staff is reading?

Next Monday will come around before you know it. Some of you will be excited, some will be happy, some may be nervous or apprehensive. If you have any worries or concerns about coming back to school next week, just drop me an email, and I’ll get in touch.

Keep being amazing!

Mr J

Literacy – To develop a rich understanding of words associated with feeling surprised

In this lesson, we will introduce new vocabulary, identify word pairs and synonyms and apply the vocabulary in sentences.


Maths – Shapes Same Area

In this new unit we will be looking at shapes which have the same area.

Geography – What are the Earth’s biomes?

In this lesson, we are going to be learning about the Earth’s six major biomes. We will learn about their specific climates and how these climates are impacted by their proximity to the equator and the amount of rainfall they receive.


Art Club – Olaf Falafel

Last week it was a ‘Guffin Puffin’ I wonder what our Olaf will have in store for us this week? Remember that this isn’t uploaded to his channel until 11am.


Remote Learning – Friday 26th February

Literacy – To generate points to use in our persuasive letter

In this lesson, we will begin to prepare to write our persuasive letter by generating points to use in our argument.


PSHE – Healthy Living

Images in the media

You are perfect! Did you know that? Well, if you didn’t, this lesson will remind you and show you that you are perfect just the way you are! To begin the lesson, we will really break down what the term ‘images in the media’ means and then visit a photographer who will show us how photos are edited and explain why companies use photoshopped pictures to sell their product. We will finish the lesson by creating an uplifting postcard which we can give to someone we know and put a smile on their face!


French – Introducing and describing yourself in French

In this lesson, we will learn how to say our name and use some simple vocabulary to describe ourselves.


Rev Trimby Assembly

Remote Learning – Thursday 25th February

Literacy – To explore pronouns

In this grammar lesson, we will be focusing on pronouns and the role they play in our writing.


Maths – Miles and Kilometres

Find out all about miles and kilometres.  Which one do you think is further? Which one is used more in today’s society?

P.E – Cardio and Kick Boxing

A really challenging workout today, involving coordination and fitness.  If you don’t have a skipping rope, place a sock on the floor and jump either side of it.

R.E – Islam

To write an essay about Islam (Part 2) – This carries on from our previous lesson.

In this lesson, we will finish making our notes and look at some key tips for writing a great essay. I’ve included some screen shots from the previous lesson to help you. These can be found in the document below.


Assembly – Love

Remote Learning – Wednesday 24th February

Literacy – To further investigate suffixes -ant, and -ent

In this lesson, we will look closely at the spelling patterns that can help us decide between the two suffixes, -ent and -ant, and we will look at how words are connected by spellings and meaning, using word maps.


Maths – Calculating With Metric Measures

Science – Separating Mixtures

What makes something pure?

In this lesson, we will learn what makes a substance pure or impure. We will also learn to draw diagrams to represent the particles in pure and impure substances.


Remote Learning – Tuesday 23rd February

Literacy –To understand the features of a persuasive letter

In today’s lesson, we will be learning all about what it means to persuade someone and will look closely at the features of a persuasive letter.


Maths – Converting Metric Measures

Following on from yesterday’s lesson on metric measurements, today we will look at how we convert between different measurements.

Music – Performing rhythms –

In this lesson, we will learn another note. We will also complete and perform our composition.


P.E – Joe Wicks

What better way to start off the half term than with a bit of Joe Wicks?  His lesson is live at 9am but you can access his lesson at any time after this point.


Remote Learning – Monday 22nd February

Good morning all of the wonderful pupils of Class 5. I hope that you have all had a wonderful half term break and have recharged those batteries for another week of home learning. Hopefully, we will only have two more weeks and then we can all be together again in the class. We will need to wait for Boris Johnson’s press conference at 7pm this evening to know for sure though, so make sure that you tune in. Lots of you have completed all of the work set, which is a brilliant effort and some of you have completed the maths or english each day. As our return to school gets closer, really try to get yourself ready for coming back into school. Make sure to read plenty, complete the online work and get back into good work habits. Otherwise, it will be a huge shock when you are asked to work for a whole day!

Have a great week,

Take Care,

Mr J

Literacy –Poetry

To write my own recipe poem

In this lesson, we will be writing our own recipe-style poem about the perfect school.


Maths – Metric Measures

After all of your hard work in the Algebra unit, today marks the first session learning all about measures.

Art Club – Olaf Falafel – Episode 17

There should be a new Art Club posted today at 11am, if one doesn’t appear, then you can have a go at the Shrove Tuesday Special. Which is how to draw a pancake person!


Geography – Hemispheres

What is the geography of the Arctic and Antarctic?

In this lesson, we will explore the regions of the Arctic and the Antarctic, finding similarities and differences between them.


Remote Learning – Friday 12th February

Congratulations on reaching the end of week 6 remote learning. Next week is half term, so there will be no daily lessons for you to complete. I have included some optional challenges which you may wish to take on in order to pass the time. All of the staff have completed the first taskmaster challenge. Open the folder and have a look for some friendly(ish) faces!

Have a wonderful half term week and thank you all for trying incredibly hard with your home learning. It really will make a massive difference when we are all together in a classroom once again.

Take care and keep positive.

Mr Jones

Literacy – Poetry

To answer questions on a poem and to plan my own poem

In this lesson, we will be answering questions on the poem itself and then begin the process of planning our own poem inspired by The British.


Maths – Algebra Assessment

Well done guys, you have completed your algebra unit for maths.  Today, there is one worksheet for you to complete.  It pulls together all of the different type of questions that you have answered throughout the unit.  So you can really show me exactly what you can do! There is no video for today’s session but you may wish to have a look back through previous videos to remind you of your learning. Remember, embrace the struggle!

PSHE – Healthy Living

 My own workout

For this lesson, you are going to need some space around you and be full of energy! We will have another visit from Adam, the PT who will share some of his knowledge on exercise routines! Adam will demonstrate some key exercises and show us how to perform them. He will then teach us about the value of a good workout routine and help us create our own!


French – With Mr Innes

This week’s topics are birthdays and parts of the human body.

Remote Learning – Thursday 11th February

Literacy – Poetry

 To explore the writer’s purpose

In this lesson, we’ll be discussing the writer’s purpose for writing this poem and the reasons he made certain language choices.


Maths – Algebra

In this lesson, we will consolidate the learning from yesterdays session and we will continue to find pairs of values in equations. This is our last lesson in the algebra unit. Tomorrow I will set you the overview assessment so you can see how confident you are.

R.E – Islam

To write an essay about Islam (Part 1)

In this lesson, we will first begin by learning about the split amongst Muhammad’s followers after his death. Then, we will begin to make some notes for our essay.


P.E – 5 Km Challenge

Last week, you attempted to saw how far you could run in 13 mins in order to beat Mo Farah 5km time. Your challenge today is to cover the 5km distance. You can run, walk or even cycle.  This is a really tough challenge, so if you want to leave it until half term, that is fine.  Once you have finished it, have a think and imagine running it in under 13 mins! What an amazing athlete Sir Mo must be!

Remote Learning – Wednesday 10th February

Literacy – Poetry

 To read and analyse a poem

In this lesson, we will be analysing a poem and the way it is written.


Maths – Algebra

In this session, we will be discovering pairs of values of different letters.

Science – Solid, Liquids and Gases 

Which substances do not fit into one state of matter?

In this lesson, we will learn about substances, like sand, that do not fit into one state of matter. We will also learn about non-Newtonian fluids and investigate their properties.


Remote Learning – Tuesday 9th February

Literacy – Poetry

 To learn about a poet and the historical context of a poem

After some wonderful newspaper articles, it is time for a new unit. This unit is only 5 lessons long and it is poetry based. In this lesson you will be learning about the poet Benjamin Zephaniah and the historical context behind his poem The British.


Maths – Algebra

 In this session we will look at how to solve two step equations. Yesterday, we imagined equations like a pair of scales with the equals sign in the middle. Whatever you do to one side of the scales, you must do to the other in order to make the equation balanced. Remember to watch the video first as it explains the worksheet really well.

Music – Rhythm and Pulse

Composing rhythms

In this lesson, we will learn another new note and compose a rhythmic piece.


P.E – Physical Challenges

I found this amazing P.E challenge you tube channel the other day.  Have a go at challenge one, then once (if) you have completed it move onto challenge two.  Some of these look really tricky!

Literacy – Journalistic Writing

 To write the closing paragraph of a newspaper report

In this lesson we will write the closing paragraph of a newspaper report, focusing on past, present and future tense.


Maths – Algebra

 In this session we will look at how to solve one step equations. Can you discover what value the letters should be?

Geography – Time Zones

What time is it in different countries?

In this lesson, we will explore the concept of time zones, learning why time varies across different parts of the world. We will also learn about the International Date Line.


Art – Olaf Falafel Art Club – Episode 17

Last week I saw some amazing koalas surfing on bananas. What will Olaf have us drawing this week? Tune into his channel at 11am for the live lesson. Or wait until later and watch the uploaded clip!


Show off how you express yourself

This year for Children’s Mental Health Week we are exploring the different ways we can express ourselves,and the creative ways that we can share our feelings, our thoughts and our ideas. 

On Monday 1stFeb there will be a virtual assembly we would like you to watch which will talk about Children’s Mental Health week and explain this years theme a bit more. Follow this link on Monday after 9am https://classroom.thenational.academy/assemblies/childrens-mental-health-week-2021

Finding creative, enjoyable ways to share our thoughts, feelings and ideas can make us feel good and help our mental health. What activities do you do to make yourself feel good? Remember it’s not about being the very best at something or putting on a performance. It’s about doing something that makes YOU feel GOOD!

Watch these videos for some examples of activities you could try, you might see some familiar faces!

Charlie Taaffe https://brynoffa-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/e_machin_brynoffa_shropshire_sch_uk/Ee-4A-YNzm1Ct52fHWhumvkBf6fZJ-1bRlwCDhJTVVEFUg?e=jL5sag

For our Children’s Mental Health Week challenge, we would love to hear about what you like to do to express yourself. Maybe you could try something new? Please send in any photographs or short videos to e.machin@brynoffa.shropshire.sch.uk then look out for them in a gallery on the school website. You might even inspire someone else to try something new!

You could have a go at this activity:

or this!

Take a look at this booklet from the Mental Health Support Team which has some great additional activity ideas, a competition and explains who they are and how they can support you with your mental health.

Remote Learning – Friday 5th February

Literacy – Journalistic Writing

 To write the quotes paragraph of a newspaper report

In this lesson we will write the quotes paragraph of a newspaper report, focusing on direct and reported speech.


Maths – Algebra

 In this session, you will start to learn how to form equations.

PSHE – Healthy Living

 Time to get active!

In this lesson, we are going to be learning about the importance of exercise through the help of a very special guest! The lesson will involve getting up on our feet and measuring our heart rate before and after exercising. Our guest will then tell us how much exercise we should do everyday – you might be in for a shock! To finish the lesson, we will be creating our own exercise timetable which we can use in school to help us stick to exercising regularly!


French – With Mr Innes

Today, we will continue to learn about fruits and discover what some job titles are called in French. 

Remote Learning – Thursday 4th February

Literacy – Journalistic Writing

 To practise writing direct and reported speech

In this lesson we will explore the differences between direct and reported speech. We will identify the main features and practise writing and punctuating our own speech sentences.


Maths – Algebra

In this session, you will start to learn how Formulae is used within mathematics.

R.E – Islam

What are the festivals of Islam?

In this lesson, we will be learning about the most important celebrations/festivals in Islam.


P.E – The Mo Farah Challenge

 Mo Farah is one of the greatest athletes in British history.  But exactly how good is he?  Can you beat Mo?  Let me know how far you managed to get?


Remote Learning – Wednesday 3rd February

Literacy – Journalistic Writing

 To practise and apply knowledge of homophones, including test

In this lesson, we will practise and apply our knowledge of homophones.


Maths – Algebra

In this session, you will be substituting letters for numbers into your equations.

History – The Shang Dynasty and Ancient China

This is a historical period that I know very little about so I’m excited to learn some new amazing facts.  Follow the links below in addition to discovering your own information about the Shang Dynasty before listing your top 10 facts.




Science – States of Matter

What are melting points and boiling points?

In this lesson, we will learn about how scientists measure temperature, two major ‘fixed points’ of a substance (melting and boiling point) and how we can determine the state of matter of a substance at a particular temperature when given these fixed points.


Remote Learning – Tuesday 2nd February

Literacy – Journalistic Writing

 To plan the quotes paragraph of a newspaper report

In this lesson we will plan for our quotes paragraph of a newspaper reports. We will think about what witnesses and people involved in the incident would say.


Maths – Algebra

In today’s session, we will learn all about creating an expression using letters and numbers.

P.E – Tennis ball Challenge

How many of these challenges can you complete at home?  You can use any ball and any flat surface to throw against.

Music – Pulse and Rhythm

Developing reading rhythm

In this lesson, we will be learning the symbol for silence (a rest) and continue to develop our rhythm reading skills.


Remote Learning – Monday 1st February

Good morning wonderful pupils of Class 5! I hope that you have had a great weekend. This week it is children’s mental health awareness week. Have a look at some of the links above to give you some ideas of what you could do in order to give your mind a bit of a break. The lock down is a really frustrating time so if you ever fancy a chat about anything just drop me an email and i’ll get back to you asap. Take care everyone and keep positive!

Literacy – Journalistic Writing

To develop a rich understanding of words associated with feeling surprised

In this lesson, we will introduce new vocabulary, identify word pairs and synonyms and apply the vocabulary in sentences.


Maths – Algebra

Finding a rule using two multiple steps.

Geography – Hemispheres – Locational Knowledge

What are the hemispheres?

In this lesson, we will be learning about hemispheres, which divide the world into two equal halves. We will explore the Northern and Southern hemispheres as well as the Equator, an imaginary line which circles around the Earth, halfway between the North and South Poles.


Art Club – Olaf Falafel – Episode 16

New episode is launched at 11am today.  I loved the laser-eyed-ice creams from last week.


Remote Learning – Friday 29th January

This weekend, ‘The Big Garden Bird Watch’ begins! There will be a live lesson tomorrow morning (follow the link below and scroll down for the live video at 9am). It is a great chance to get outdoors in the fresh air and take a look at the birds in your garden or local area. It is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the beautiful world we live in 🙂


There are a range of resources including ‘spot it’ sheets available here. Let me know what you spot!


Literacy – Journalistic Writing

To edit a newspaper report

In this lesson we will edit our newspaper report, focusing on checking for errors and making improvements.


Maths – Algebra

Today we will be starting a new unit on algebra.  Most people think that this is really tricky, but all you have to remember is that the equals sign is like a pair of scales and they always have to balance.  Whatever you do to one side of the scales you must do to the other.  These videos explain what to do really clearly, so remember to watch them before you complete the worksheet.

Assembly – Honesty

Here is this week’s assembly by Jane. It highlights the importance of being honest. Have a great weekend everyone! I honestly can’t wait for all of us to be back together again in Class 5!

PSHE – Healthy Living

Food, glorious food!

In this lesson, we will explore what a diet is and why it is so important. We will have a very special visitor who will teach us the benefits of eating the right foods and will be introduced to the Eat-well Plate. From this, we will have a better understanding of the different amounts of foods we should be eating. At the end of the lesson, we will write a letter persuading others to make healthier choices.


French – With Mr Innes

Different types of fruit

Remote Learning – Thursday 28th January

Literacy – Journalistic Writing

To practise using simple past, present and future tense

In this lesson we will explore the features of simple past, present and future tense. We will practise using each tense in sentences.


Maths – Percentages – Missing Values

In today’s lesson we will be using all of our knowledge gained over the last few days to discover the missing percentages.

R.E – Islam

Where do Muslims worship?

In this lesson, we will be learning about the mosque, the Muslim place of worship. We begin by recapping our previous learning regarding the Qur’an, before looking at the external and internal features of the Mosques.


P.E – The Couch Workout! + Bring Sally Up!

Two different work outs for you to complete today.  One is an aerobics class using your sofa.  The other involves a very tough challenge, which will leave you feeling the burn!  Can anyone complete it?

French – With Mr Innes

All the colours of the rainbow!

Remote Learning – Wednesday 27th January

Literacy – Journalistic Writing

 To investigate homophones

In this lesson, we will be investigating homophones.


Maths – Percentages of an amount (2)

In today’s lesson we will be looking once again at how to calculate the percentage of an amount.  This will follow on from the learning completed yesterday.  Remember to watch the video first before completing your worksheet.

Yesterday’s last question on maths was a tricky one. So here is the solution with an explanation on how to get through the maze.

History –  The Anglo-Saxons

This week we will be looking in more detail at the Angelo-Saxons s.  Use the links below to find out all about them (and do your own research too) and then write your top 10 Smashing Saxons facts. 





What are changes of state and why do they take place?

In this lesson, we will learn about what happens when substances are heated or cooled enough to change state. We will learn about the four main state changes and identify examples of each of them.


Remote Learning – Tuesday 26th January

Literacy – Journalistic Writing

 To write the chronological recount paragraph of a newspaper report

In this lesson we will write the chronological recount paragraph of a newspaper report


There is a section of the video missing from the above link. If you would like to watch the video again, please open the link below and move the video along to 3 mins. Thanks for letting me know Bayles and Josh!


Maths – Percentages of an amount

In today’s lesson we will be looking at how to calculate the percentage of an amount.  This is the first time that we will have looked at this in detail.  It is really important to watch the video first before attempting the worksheet.

Music – Rhythm and Pulse

Reading simple rhythms

In this lesson, we will be exploring a new note and reading more simple rhythms.  I have really enjoyed the first two sessions as the teacher explains what rhythm and pulse is so clearly.



In today’s P.E session we will be trying something new again.  This session it’s boxercise.  This is a type of fitness workout linked to boxing.  It looks really fun and should teach you some movements that perhaps you’ve never done before.