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Welcome to Class 2’s homepage.

Please contact Mrs Maxfield directly using this email: class2@brynoffa.shropshire.sch.uk

Home learning:

If you are currently self isolating please follow this link to the home learning (please click on the bold title ‘Class 2 – Home Learning):

Class 2 – Home Learning

Summer term

Tuesday 3rd May – Outdoor learning, signs of Spring

We spent our afternoon in forest school hunting for signs of spring!

Thursday 28th April – Fruit Salad Design Technology

This week we have completed our DT project – making fruit salads!

We started on Tuesday by trying different tools and food preparation methods. We all used juicers, peelers, graters and knives (not sharp :))

On Wednesday we designed our fruit salads and on Thursday morning we all made our delicious fruit salads! Tomorrow we will evaluate our project.

Spring term

Friday 8th April – The Smartest Giant in Town

Class 2 had a wonderful morning at Theatre Severn watching ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’.

It was fantastic show and the children really enjoyed it! A big thank you to BOPTA for paying for our bus!

Wednesday 6th April – Petal bashing

We have been looking at different ways we can dye material and today we had a go at petal bashing!! We had to stick our chosen petals or leaves onto a piece of cotton with masking tape. Next we put or cotton onto a piece of wood and ‘bashed’ the masking tape carefully with a hammer. Once we’d ‘bashed’ it enough we peeled off the masking tape to reveal our designs!

A huge thank you to Morrisons in Oswestry who donated a huge amount of flowers for us to use!

Wednesday 6th April – Easter service

This morning we had out Easter service with Rev. Trimby in the school hall.

Wednesday 23rd March – Coding

This week we have been completing some computing work based on coding.

As an ending to this work we completed some activities online which the children really enjoyed! I’ve popped the link below as some asked to do it at home 🙂


Thursday 17th March – Red Nose Day

Thank you all so much for sharing your brilliant jokes!!!

Wednesday 16th March – Science week

This week is British Science Week!

As part of it, and to link with our science work based on humans, we investigated if hands grow bigger as you get older! We had templates of hands from children/adults who were different ages in school and measured them accurately. We found out that just because you’re older doesn’t mean you have bigger hands and decided that everyone grows at a different rate.

Monday 7th March – Space Day!

We have had a fantastic day completing lots of activities based on astronaut training!

We started our morning with a senses test. We had to test out sense of taste by trying astronaut food and guessing what it was (vanilla ice cream was the favourite), our sense of hearing by shaking and guessing what was in the eggs, our sense of smell by smelling and guessing what was inside and finally our sense of touch by guessing what was in the feely bags!

Next we had to measure parts of our bodies accurately ready for a space suit!

After lunch we has an amazing star gazing experience inside the space dome!! We learnt about the constellations and all the planets!

Finally we had our ‘Destination Space’ activity lesson led by the team from Xplore!. We learnt about all the different jobs people have at the ISS and helped to solve a big problem on board!

Friday 4th March – D&T Space Buggy Project

Today we completed our space buggy project!

We started our project by exploring mechanisms that make things me. We discovered that wheels and axles help vehicles move!

Then we decided to use wheels and axles to make our own vehicle move, and started to design our space buggys!

Today we have created and evaluated our space buggies – don’t they look great!!!!

Thursday 3rd March – World Book Day

What fantastic costumes Class 2!!

Thursday 3rd March – Gymnastics performance

Today we got to preform our gymnastics routines to Class 4 pupils! The routines were fantastic!! We’ve been working really hard on our shapes, balances and rolls!

Our routines were in this order: Present, Shape, Travel, Balance, Roll, Present

Well done Class 2!!!

Tuesday 1st March – Shrove Tuesday/Pancake day

We’ve had a great time learning all about Shrove Tuesday!

We learn’t the history of pancake day and how it is celebrated across the country before making our very own pancakes!

We followed the recipe very carefully and ll took part in making the batter! Mrs Maxfield cooked the pancakes whilst we had a go at flipping some ready made ones in a cold frying pan – look how high we got them!!!

The best bit was the tasting!!!! We all added our own lemon juice an sugar – scrumptious!

This week we will be writing our own detailed set of instructions so that others can have as much fun as we did!!

Monday 10th January – Outdoor learning

This afternoon went to forest school to explore and look for signs of winter! The children completed lots of activities such as ice explorers (breaking lots of ice blocks to discover what is inside), making bird feeders and decorating the bare trees with clay faces!

Tomorrow afternoon we will write up all our findings about winter!

Autumn term

Gingerbread – 15th December

This week Class 2 have designed, baked and decorated their own gingerbread!

Visit from Father Christmas!!! – Thursday 16th December

Tuesday 14th December – Christmas Performance

Class 2 were absolutely incredible during their Christmas performance! A huge well done!!!!!!

Children in Need – 19th November

For Children in Need this year we came dressed as what we would like to be when we grow up! These are Class 2’s AMAZING costumes!!! We’ve had a great day and it’s been so lovely to hear all the future aspirations of the children!

Christmas in a Box – 19th November

This afternoon we had a visit from Jane who is from the schools Christian worker project. The children completed the Christmas in a box project!! They learnt the different stories of the characters of the Christmas story!

During this the children completed some brilliant activities! They also all have a box full of the Christmas story to bring home!!

Jungle book – 16th November

This week we have started learning about our new class book, ‘The Jungle Book’.

This morning we made our own character masks and had a great time role playing parts of the story in small groups.

Diwali – 3rd November

This afternoon we have been learning all about Diwali. We completed our session by creating our very own rangoli patterns.

Forest school – 1st November

This afternoon we have been exploring forest school and looking for signs of Autumn!

Exotic Zoo Visit – 18th October

Class 2 have had an incredible day at the zoo!!!

We all had the opportunity to hold/stroke Pascal the chameleon, Eddie the royal python, Millie the millipede, Lisa the less tenrec, Woody the armadillo and Tia the skunk!

We had a great time exploring the zoo following our lesson and the rain definitely didn’t stop us!!!!

D&T project – mini leaf cushions – 5th & 6th October 2021

This week we have completed a D&T textiles project evaluating, designing and making mini leaf cushions. Firstly we tried and tested different joining techniques. We had a go at gluing, stapling and sewing.

After trying the different techniques we chose which we thought was most efficient and designed our own leaf. On Wednesday afternoon we all made our very own mini leaf cushions.

Here are our final creations:

P.E. – 9th September – Football

Over this half term we will be practicing our football skills! During our first session we were focussing on dribbling the ball.

We played lots of games including ‘body parts’ and ‘rabbits and tigers’. At the end of our session we had a challenge to see if in teams we could dribble all the balls in the middle of the playground to the outside! Everyone did brilliantly well!!!

Change over afternoon – July 2021

We have had a fantastic afternoon getting to know each other!

The children completed a scavenger hunt and learnt about areas in their new classroom!

We then read the book ‘Stuck’ by Oliver Jeffers and create our own piece of artwork based on the book, drawing our favourite things stuck in the tree.