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Welcome to Class 2’s homepage.

Please contact Mrs Maxfield directly using this email: class2@brynoffa.shropshire.sch.uk

Spring term

Red Nose Day! – 18.3.21

D&T safari hide project – 18.3.21 & 19.3.21

This week Class 2 have been completing a design and technology project all about strutures!

On our first day we looked for structures around school before creating our own! We used construction kits and had to create a structure with a strong base:

Our next challenge was to create a tall structure, which had to stand by itself using marshmallows and spaghetti:

We then had to design, create and evaluate a safari hide suitable for Eddie the explorer to use! We had to make sure it was strong enough to hold Eddie and make sure he was off the ground and safe from any lions he might see! These are our fantastic creations!

Science week! – 8.3.21

We started Science week with a live lesson with the whole school! Miss Hyde showed us a citrus fruit volcano experiment! We then had a great afternoon repeating the experiment with different citrus fruit, drawing label diagrams and writing conclusions.

If you’d like to have a go at home there are a set of instructions below:

On Tuesday we watched a live lesson from NFU which focussed on the question ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’. Before watching it we looked and ordered different life cycles. During the live lesson we were taught about the different stages of the chicken life cycle and even got to see chick hatch live on the screen! During the afternoon we completed our work by drawing the life cycle for ourselves and also writing our own findings from the lesson.

Children’s mental health week – Express yourself video


Phonics videos

Whilst we are all home learning I thought I would upload a daily phonics video. These will focus on one sound and all you need to complete the session is a pencil and paper. The videos follow the same order that we use in class and are just a little shorter. Once you’ve finished the video you could use the same order to practise your child’s focus sounds, which you can find in the phonics planning document on the daily learning.

Monday – ay


Tuesday – ou


Wednesday – i_e


Thursday – a_e


Friday – igh


Monday – ea

Unfortunately this will be the last phonics video as I will be back teaching in class tomorrow. I will however leave the previous videos here for references or to be used whenever needed.


Autumn term

Christmas Nativity Poem

Here is the link to Class 2’s Nativity Poem. The children really enjoyed learning about the story of Christmas.

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Father Christmas Visit!!

On Monday we had a visit from Father Christmas! He left us some lovely Christmas presents which will be coming home on Thursday


On Thursday afternoon the children really enjoyed watching the pantomime Cinderella! They had great fun and ‘He’s behind you!!’ could be heard down the corridors! A big thank you to BOPTA for providing the hot chocolate, marshmallows and snacks for the interval!

How does your garden grow?

If you’d like to practise your handwriting at home use the link below and use the log in details:

Username: eg9278

Password: home


Christmas Cookie Project!

For our D&T topic this half term we needed to do some baking so we completed a Christmas cookie project!

Firstly we needed to evaluate the products already available, so we marked three different types of Christmas cookies based on their taste, smell and packaging.

We then baked our very own reindeer Christmas cookies! We then had to taste them and evaluate them in the same way!

The children produced some lovely evaluations and have worked really hard!

I’ve attached the booklet we used just incase you’d like to do some Christmas cookie (or any other festive snack) testing over the break 🙂

Handwashing lesson from Nurse Helen and Nurse Kelly – 24th October

This morning we had a visit form Nurse Helen and Nurse Kelly who spoke to us about how important it was to wash our hands. They showed us the best technique and got us to practise.

History walk – 23rd October

On Monday 23rd October Class 2 went on a history walk from Llanymynech rock down to the Heritage area.

We learnt how the limestone was quarried, how it travelled down the English incline, what happened when it reached the tally house (and the grumpy tally man!), what happened when it went in the kiln and finally how the quick lime was transported to other parts of the country.

When we got back to school we wrote all about what we had found out!

Children in Need 2020

This year to celebrate Children in Need we completed the last 10 minute challenge of Joe Wick’s 24 hour PE challenge, created our very own Pudsey with the Autumn leaves and found out a little more about the charity before designing our own Pudsey 🙂

Remembrance day 2020

This year for Remembrance day we created some beautiful poppies which you can see in our classroom window.

Physical Education – Dance

This half term we’re starting our P.E. lesson by focusing on Dance. Our theme is fireworks and we’ve created streamers which will help exaggerate our movements. In the photos below you can see us practising the different movements we have chosen and mirroring our partners.

Visit to the Heritage area – 5th October

On Monday 5th October Class 2 visited the Heritage area!! We were very lucky with the weather and walked there and back in the dry.

When we got there we started by splitting into two groups. One group completed a treasure hunt (orienteering) and the other group searched for human and physical geographical features. We then swapped over!

After our lunch we split up again. One group headed out on the hunt for some signs of Autumn, we found lots! The other group went to look at the different plants and learnt about evergreen and deciduous trees.

Once we’d completed the finals hunts we headed back to the stables for hot chocolate and biscuits by the log burner before walking back to school!

Virtual London Mini Marathon! 28th September – 9th October

Class 2 have started their Mini marathon run today! We have just under two weeks to complete 2.6 miles as part of the Virtual London Mini Marathon. The children are off to a great start with nearly all of them completing over half the distance already!

We completed the mini marathon!! All the children will be coming homing with a certificate and running number!


In English we are currently looking at the story ‘Monkey see, monkey do!’. We had a go at being copying monkeys ourselves and then learnt the story using actions!

Last week some very cheeky monkeys left all their hats in the hall way! We had great fun describing and spotting them!


In Science this half term our topic is plants!

We have been looking at the different parts of a plant and what each part does.

We have also been busy planting! We’ve made our very own Cress heads and used some of them to investigate what plants need to grow!

Physical Education

In PE this half term we’re focussing on team sports, starting with football. We’ve been practising the different ways we kick the ball for example dribbling and shooting.