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Welcome to Class 2’s homepage.

Please contact Miss Richards directly using this email: class2@brynoffa.shropshire.sch.uk

Autumn term 2022

Welcome back to our Year 2 children and welcome to our new Year 1’s. For more information on what the children will be learning during the Autumn term please take a look at the term curriculum map below.

The children enjoyed a more practical maths session where they were given the task to sort objects in multiple ways. We discussed the different ways they could sort objects, by shape, size, colour and type. Then they had a go at working with partners to do this with cubes, beads, multilink, shapes and dinosaurs.

Maths – 7th September – sorting objects.

Our Autumn term science topic is ‘living and non-living things including humans’. The children were introduced to the topic in class last week and we had an outdoor hunt to find living and non-living things on the school grounds. We identified the climbing frame, cars and houses as non-living things and birds, insects and the donkeys in the field as living things.

Science – 7th September – looking for living and non-living things outdoors.

The children brought in their favourite toys this week and we looked at how we could describe our toys in different ways. The class worked in pairs to describe their hidden toys to their partner whilst they tried to draw it. The children did very well and came up with lots of great ways to describe their toys and we had some fantastically accurate drawings too. Then they had a go at writing extended sentences using ‘and’ or ‘but’.

English – 16th September – Describing our favourite toys.